wip, fotos and small goals

is it friday again? man. so here is what i am working on. i dont really know what i am doing, but lets hope i end up with something i can actually wear. so do you really have to cut out those little triangles? really? i am bad about following directions, i use them more as suggestions, which might be why things turn out like crap. could be. loving that 4 on that picture. my other wip (i hope this counts fiona) is planning my vacation!! david and arlo and i are going to take five nights in portland! how excited am i? i just got a gurgly feeling in my chest writing that sentence. i havent taken a vacation to a place i have never been before in so so long. it will be so fun to see a new town, go to the coast, decompress with david and spend time with four amazing ladies. amy, melissa, sally and stephanie thank you so much for your enthusiasm and generosity. it means so much to me. i am looking forward to september like you wouldnt believe.

in other huffmania news, it feels good to have a camera in my hands again. toby let me borrow his and i went a little crazy. tons of pictures of arlo on flickr if you need a fix like i do. here are a few of my favorites.

get in there
yellow shoes
ah. that feels much better. i love taking pictures. love it. i took the last two this morning with the excellent light i get. so fun. which had me thinking this morning on my drive into work. it really did feel good to do just that little thing, snap some photos this morning. which got me thinking how i would love to take a photography class and then it just spiraled from there. i am going to start making lists of small goals here on this blog. maybe i will do some of them, maybe i wont, but i do like the though of looking back and seeing what my mind was churning through. here are my five small goals from this morning.
1. take a photography class
2. make this torte
3. create a more beautiful space for crafting. look at stephanies...oh my.
4. shave my legs sunday
5. speak more spanish with my mom

as you can see, my mind was really skipping all over the place this morning. what are your small goals? tell me friends.


Anonymous estea said...

making the same top here and thinking the same thoughts. i'm allergic to measuring tapes and exact dimensions. and my scissors are dull. so it will probably turn out unwearable. ah well.

cute yellow shoes.

not much in the goal dept. here. (just call me eyeore). i've been working on the shaving legs thing for years, though. good luck with that. i try to learn a new piece of music every week, and want to learn to bake my own crusty french bread, and journal every day. how's that?

10:43 AM  
Anonymous Alicia A. said...

Your trip sounds wonderful- I'm envious! Brian went to Portland for a ReStore meeting and said if I ever visited, I'd want to move there. And you'll meet up with those ladies too? Perfect.

Sweet Arlo, how do your toes taste?

10:59 AM  
Blogger capello said...

Love your shoes and pants/shorts. (Okay, I'll admit it: I love your *style*.)

I so want to go to the Pacific Northwest. I've always wanted to move there -- ever since I saw "The Goonies." (Sean Astin makes my heart go pitter-patter.)

And if my foot was healed, I'd be going to the Indie fest in Lawrene tomorrow -- Keane AND Death Cab are playing. Bad foot! Bad foot!

As for goals... my main one is getting my foot healed. (Stupid foot.)

11:24 AM  
Blogger Tracy said...

you will love love portland. and the portland ladies - too lovely for words! have fun!

glad you have a camera at hand. you use it so well. goals here - making it through the first day of kindergarten (is that small or BIG?!), making a return to embroidery and maybe picking up crewel...

11:26 AM  
Blogger molly said...

why do your posts just make me laugh sometimes? not laughing at you, just enjoying you...
anyhoo. love those yellow shoes. extremely jealous of your trip to PDX (that's cool airport lingo, of course)--my best friend from college lives in portland, maybe i should visit her...
great mini-goals.
my mini goal: curtains for emma's room. (see my post today).

and that is one cute little arlo!

12:09 PM  
Blogger molly said...

(ps. I love it when you mess up the word verification, and the next set of letters they give you are a huge chubby, easy-to-read font, and there's usually only like four letters instead of seven or something...thanks, blogger, for making it easy on me.)

12:10 PM  
Anonymous sally said...

I cannot wait to see you next month. HOW FUN!!! Love the little Arlo photographs...cannot wait to meet her in person.

I'm not good about following directions either...sometimes I snip those triangles and othertimes I don't.

Love your yellow shoes. They make me smile.

1. Take a letterpress class [and then buy a letterpress...a girl can dream, right?]
2. Clean + organize my studio
3. Exercise [and I don't mean chasing after the boys...yoga or running]
4. Make a quilt

Have a great weekend!

12:39 PM  
Blogger stephanie said...

mmmm, toes. love your photos. i have never taken a photography class, but am considering it as well.

so very excited to meet you! i hope you guys have a blast in portland. goals?

1. *keep* my studio clean and organized.
2. answer email promptly so my inbox doesn't overwhelm me.
3. sew a garment for myself (i haven't sewn something from a pattern in years).
4. develop a web site.

8:37 PM  
Anonymous amy h said...

Love the shoes! And Arlo is such a cutie. That camera you're borrowing seems like it takes nice pics.

I don't know if it would be too far to go, but Johnson County Community College has a really nice photography lab for their classes. I've heard it's the best lab of the local schools. I took one photography class there and loved it. If you're not into the technical stuff (film developing, making prints), they have continuing ed classes that just focus on composition, etc.

Goals? I'd be embarassed to list them all. So, a sampling:

-paint Elise's dresser based on a photo I saw in Marie Claire Ideas
-make a wrap/kimono-style top/jacket ... already have the fabric
-get the pottery wheel movin' again

8:08 PM  
Blogger beki said...

Your trip sounds lovely! Lucky you!!!

I just love those yellow shoes, too cute, and little Arlo is just yummy.

Hmm, my small goals...for starters I'd like to get dressed and leave the house today, LOL!

8:28 AM  
Blogger Leslie said...

Cutie Arlo!

Goals. . . hmmmm, lemme see. . .
1.) sit down and write a business plan
2.) decide between the two (different-colored) curtain panels I have hanging in my living room. This decision-making process has been going on for, er, months now.
3.) indulge in my fave Golden Spoon fro yo flavor (cake batter) at least twice this week
4.) um, run on the treadmill to work off that frozen yogurt!
5.) enjoy the rest of the summer!

10:21 PM  
Anonymous kelly said...

so excited for you and a trip to Portland - no small feat with 3 little ones, I'm sure! Of course, I'll assume that soCal (especially Ventura) is still on your list of places to visit, right?!?

1) make something, anything!
2) finish top secret project & announce it
3) keep running, no matter how rotten the weather may seem
4) be nice
5) only eat delicious food

9:49 AM  

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