we had a nice relaxing weekend at our house. we finally managed to get off of our cabooses and go to the river market saturday morning and get some produce; basil, japanese eggplants, cherry tomatoes, wild grapes, peaches and half a dozen ears of sweet corn that had already been eaten by the time i took this picture. so good. it was fun to walk around and actually talk to the people who grew this food. the peaches came from buckner, missouri a tiny town with one stop light. the farmer and i exchanged some thoughts about the vw bug parts store in town that draws an occasional visitor from the "city". david restored two beetles before i met him and he himself had gone to buckner for parts, never for peaches though. luckily for me he doesnt like peaches (what??? is that really possible?) so i get these babies all to myself.
peaches and (ice) cream
peaches and (ice) cream. really could it get any more summer? i think not. anyway, i would love to be able to share with you some photos of what i am working on, but again i am stuck in gift land. soon i promise. i noticed something last night while i was sewing, i caught myself making these terrible faces. when i am concentrating on something my mouth starts working and i know it must have been bad because i could feel the contortions with out even having david around to point them out to me. children of the 70's do you remember that violin player who would be on sesame street sometimes? i think he had MS and he could play like magic? i remember being fascinated by him, the music, his walking sticks and most of all watching his face contort in time with the music. he was my favorite visitor, him and cab calloway. while i am certainly in know way saying i am gifted, i am saying that i know i screw my face up like some sort of maniac when i am sewing and i am pretty sure that anyone would would have peeked in my window last night would have gotten a good laugh. it was bad, real bad, there were strange buck teeth motions involved. ok, i am going to stop talking about my face. hope you all had a good weekend and thank you for the compliments on my shoes and arlo. i did manage to shave my legs this weekend and that is about it. loved hearing your small goals, it made me add a few more to my list. letterpress class? hello? what a no brainer.

ps. with a little more concerted effort on google i found out it was itzhak perlman, and it was polio and he was my very favorite guest and he was why i pretended to play violin for a year in grade school.


Anonymous sally said...

I'm almost certain my face looks weird when I'm sewing as well. And the farmer's market bounty looks mouth-watering delicious! [What? How can D not like peaches? More for you!]

4:18 PM  
Anonymous suzy said...

Those peaches look gorgeous! And I bet they were cheaper than here in Tokyo... the local supermarket charges $2 each.
My husband doesn't like peaches either, something to do with the furry skin.

5:36 PM  
Blogger molly said...

is blogger being weird for you? it's not telling me people have posted until way after they already have...someetimes the next day.
anway, i clench my teeth or bite the inside of my lip when I concentrate, so yes, probably when I sew. Enough so, that I'm sore after a long bout of sewing. I'd like to think it equates with genius, wouldn't you??!!

those peaches look martha-stewart photo shoot perfect! yum.

5:46 AM  
Anonymous melissa f. said...

good good fruit. peaches are the best. peaches, blueberries, and ice cream. that's all i want to eat all day. with eggs and potatoes.

paul says sam makes faces like i do when he's trying to figure something out. like just *thinking* is too much for our little brains to handle without also moving our mouths.

11:11 AM  

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