kc just got a bit cooler

why you might ask? because my hardworking friends john and kristen, owners of handsdown the coolest store in kc just added ecommerce to habitat! go check out their new site! and since you will be too busy swooning at all the shoes, clothes and bags, i should point out that there is free domestic shipping! shop away friends, shop away. and if you live in kansas city, then get your butts down to the crossroads district for first fridays. habitat is having a "big ol' shut yo mouth" sidewalk sale, as my friend jeff puts it.
come in and say hi. i will probably be the lady behind the register. i also want to give a shout out to my good friend jeremy. i have known him since the first day of 7th grade. since then he has been moving forward with his passion for art, his faith and the outdoors. he is having a gallery opening downtown tonight as well.
i am so proud of him! he and his wife are getting ready to welcome their first child in a few weeks too. i am so interested to see how this new part of his life will translate in his art. so many good things going on right now, our dear friends the eddys just moved back to town this week. all this goodness makes me feel so happy and jittery at the same time! have a wonderful weekend all. if you can come say hi and come support local business and the arts downtown tonight. at the very least, i hope you friends old, new, local and blogispheric are feeling the goodness too!


Anonymous amy h said...

Hey, I know Jeremy! (used to work with him) I didn't know he was having a show. I'll have to see if the baby has enough patience for another First Friday (the last one was a little iffy with her).

9:57 AM  
Anonymous BeastlySum said...

thanks for the habitat tip--i love that store. and pidgeon--i love their clothes! didn't know it doubled as a gallery. congrats to your friend.

10:47 AM  
Anonymous estea said...

darnit, I don't have a sitter. shucks, and I have lusted after so many shoes there. a lady of my age probably shouldn't be wearing those platforms, anyway, i guess :)

hope it's fun - what terrific weather! I think my dh knows jeremy, which is just 6 degrees of strangeness. KC is such a small little world. But a nice one, nonetheless.


12:53 PM  
Blogger zibaby said...

Thanks for the advertisement Hannah.

Good to see you and Elise(and Chris) Amy!

Estea- who is your dh?


8:56 PM  

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