good things come in threes

soule goodness
lucky me!
dear cat
last week i was surprised by three packages in the mail. so so lucky. the line-up: goodies from the lovely soulemama. vintage tablecloth bag for me, disgustingly cute cardigan and hat for arlo, a book for e & c that has already been confiscated and not photographed, and some cute fabric and cards. love love love it all. i wish i would have snapped a pic of her wonderful wrapping, but alas, i was too excited. thank you amanda! next up, fabric leaf tags from molly and a birthday surprise, one of her beautiful handmade pendants! wow wow. i am wearing it today and let me tell you not only is it just gorgeous, but it also feels nice and heavy and my skin has warmed up the ceramic a bit. so organic and wonderful. thank you molly! and last but not least, a wonderful package from dear sweet cat. cat and i struck up a letter correspondence over a year ago and i just love getting cards from her because they are filled to the brim with her lovely print and stories of her day. she sent along this sweet rice bowl for arlo that mommy desperately wants to keep, a lovely hand made miniature book for me and this awesome vintage table cloth that i am going to turn into pillows for our new couch. perfect! oh and a sweet dick and jane sticker book that has also already been confiscated. thank you so much cat! i feel so lucky!

i am planning to get out some mail love to one of my favorite artists today. i hope she enjoys it. and thank you thank you for all the book suggestions. i have a list ready for my next trip to the library. and yes, whomever you are anonymous commenter, east of eden is my favorite book, hands down, and yes i plan to read it again and again.

ps. happy first official day of summer even though i have been celebrating for a while now!


Anonymous david said...

snail mail is fun.

12:59 PM  
Blogger molly said...

so glad you liked it. giving feels good.
i love the way they warm to my skin, too. i wear one all the time now, that it's becoming a habit to always be clutching it and fiddling with it. hope you enjoy.

2:16 PM  
Blogger capello said...

Oh, look at the goodies!

And really, Arlo is no where ready for that bowl. It should definately be intrusted to her mommy.

5:25 PM  
Anonymous beki said...

Good mail is so much fun! You sure received some nice things.

9:28 PM  
Anonymous lisa said...

such treats...but more importantly, a package for me?? oh, joy!

9:49 PM  
Anonymous shim + sons said...

Or maybe good things come in fours? You're the winner of my housewarming contest! When you get a chance, can you email me your address?

11:57 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

blog très sympa, accompagné de très belles photos. Je dirais tout simplement, bravo au photographe.
Petit bémol : dommage qu'il ne soit pas français.

Bonne continuation.
Une lectrice de passage...

6:21 AM  

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