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home ec
look what i found yesterday at my parents house. my first sewn item ever. you remember. home ec, seventh grade, the drawstring bag. i have to say that my stitching wasnt all that bad. i vaguely remember picking out this fabric and being afraid of the machine. funny. i spent most of the afternoon wandering around with the camera taking pics and added quite a few to the greenwood set.

i also spent quite a bit of time pondering what patrick had to say at church that morning. it was a sermon on financial margins. i know, i am still cringing. money is such a hard thing to talk about and causes so much stress. basically he encouraged us to sit down and actually look at our finances, to find out where our money is going. figure out your consumable income and set up a plan for living, giving and saving. we already do this to an extent, but after paying bills, giving and saving, where is the money actually going?? do i really want to know? i think so. i think it will be hard to sit down and actually add things up, but good. one thing that patrick said that really stuck with me was this. if you had a financial advisor tell you, well yeah, you paid all your obligations this month, but i have no idea where the rest of it is going, you would fire him in a heartbeat. so true. so why do we let ourselves slide like that? this fits so perfectly into some of my other lines of thinking as of late. use what i have, make things of quality that will last instead of heaps of poor quality items cluttering up the home. instill giving and saving in the children now. i could go on and on here, seriously my head is buzzing.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

sound like a very thought-provoking sermon - one my household could use! you've got me thinking now...

11:54 AM  
Anonymous kirsten said...

ha! you had the 'fancy home ec'. :) we made a throw pillow. a square one. a plain, square one.

11:55 AM  
Anonymous sally said...

I hear you on the budget/finances issue. I just decided last week that I would start writing down my expenses at the end of each day, so I can get a "real" sense of where I'm spending our money. I really want to be a wise steward of our money. [This may mean redefining what I "need" and "want", etc.]. And I think this is a wonderful gift to pass on to our children. I support you 100%!

12:00 PM  
Anonymous katiek said...

I'm totally with you on the money thing. It's been a serious wake up call as we GO INTO DEBT fixing up our house. It makes me thankful that we have paid off student loans/didn't have them. It makes me thankful we DO NOT have a car payment, we buy old cars instead. There are things God affirms in our lives. But still, what can I sacrifice? My $4 latte, of course. And cute clothes (even thrift store ones). Paying with cash is the next HUGE step for us.

May God give you peace in your family as you discuss these things. Remember that He wants to give you good things but he also wants his money back. I've seen families ruined who don't tithe! It scares me not too! Thanks for being brave and writing about this Hannah. It definately strikes a chord.

12:15 PM  
Blogger molly said...

why do we cringe when money comes up? sometimes dan will want to talk about it, and it never seems like the right time. i really see how i spend/save/give my money really makes an impression on my children. that alone, is enough to get my bum in gear!

I made the same drawstring gym bag...a nice light blue and white stripe, i think. how is is possible that our teachers could make that project last a whole marking period??

12:16 PM  
Blogger stephanie said...

hi hannah,

i really recommend the book "your money or your life" and the website http://www.newdream.org/ . it's hard work to start looking at money this way, but ultimately really liberating. best of luck.

1:12 PM  
Anonymous madmommy said...

We've had to seriously change our spending habits lately, so that everything has a place. My craft fund is very tiny now compared to what i used to spend, but I like to think it helps me to be a better consumer. Same with groceries, etc. Suddenly, you wonder if you shouldn't drive as much, since gas adds up too. And then you realize how much you actually eat out. I'm glad we're doing it, but it's hard to start.

2:36 PM  
Blogger beth said...

i suck at budget, too. i like rounding things off in my head, rather than writing down in black & white actual amounts. erg.

btw - i LOVE your new title strip.

12:19 AM  
Blogger kimberly said...

this is exactly what I was thinking on sunday. I think I could hear that sermon every day for a month and it would still be good for me to hear. I'm totally in the "I know the big stuff, but the rest? ehh... don't know" boat.

6:05 AM  
Anonymous jenny vorwaller said...

hannah, you're right, it can be a scary and very sensitive topic...

but i have to tell you that writing down where every cent goes gives you so much freedom, perspective, and control...it's so worth it!

it's nice to get perspective at church too, i love that. :) happiness to you!

besos! xx. :)

11:14 AM  
Anonymous melissa f. said...

i have nothing to say about any of this (except for everything).

BUT the banner is good good good. Better than the last one-- am i allowed to say that? i just did.

2:02 PM  
Anonymous blair said...

First off, I love your new banner. Don't you love changing it up? Secondly, money discussions are the dreaded and big around here, although we've recently just given ourselves the "what the heck are we doing with our money" kind of talk that has kicked us into a new path. We stumble, but I agree, its so important to pass this onto our kids. Good luck.

2:00 PM  
Blogger Leslie said...

oh the dreaded finances chat. . . summer kind of got us off track, and now I'm working diligently trying to refocus us!! Not an easy thing to do!

And love your project! Oh I remember those days. . . one classmate managed to sew over her finger. Yep! Ouch!

10:19 AM  

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