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thank you for all the thoughts on friends. love this community and so glad that people are on the same track. not much going on here, botched two sewing attempts last night. it was frustrating but in a good way. it was nice to sit down in front of the machine again. in spite of all my best intentions, halloween has snuck up on me yet again. dang. to make matters worse, i am fighting a loosing battle with eliot over one of those store bought/fake muscles/piece of crap spiderman costumes. arrrgghh. it is time to give in and let go with that boy i guess. david suggested making him a candy bag if i MUST make something. good suggestion. now it is time to focus on the girls!! what should they be? quick and easy suggestions welcome.

since i have no crafting news, i will tell you all about two great movies i watched recently. both about spin, one a documentary and one a work of fiction. the first, enron: the smartest guys in the room, is sickingly fascinating. even if you dont care a ding dang about big corporate business, watch this movie. it is good, that good, and you know what? after you watch it, i bet you will think more about big business can get away with. the second, thank you for smoking, was frickin' hilarious. and even if you hate it you will probably love the opening credits. if you love paper ephemera you will. they are all spoofs of vintage cigarette labels and very very cool.

that is about it, except for the exciting news that habitat won best shoe store in the pitch's best of kansas city 2006. very cool for them. also if you are in town you should really make your way down to first fridays tonight. of course john and kristen will doing some fantabulous things at habitat, such as an art showing in the hall and a vespa show in the parking lot. cool. and as always come say hi, i will be workin' it. and treat yourself to some new shoes for fall, yum! or if your out of town, free shipping!!

and because it feels wrong to post without a picture, here is what happens when i am bored on a friday at work...

bored at work on friday
have a good weekend!


Blogger beth said...

totally agree about thank you for smoking - frickin hilarious. the stuff about LA particularly cracked me up. funny b/c it's true. :)

10:31 AM  
Anonymous david said...

you take lots of pictures of your feet.

11:01 AM  
Anonymous meg said...

a)love your green shoes b)that enron movie was totally whacked - scary stuff! and c)i can't wait to see "thank you for smoking" - mostly because i think that guy is HOT. glad to hear it is a good movie to boot. have a great weekend!

12:51 PM  
Blogger julieree said...

Can I get awesome cool shoes like your green ones at that store?! Gotta go check it out.

Yeah, I keep meaning to put Thank You for Smoking on my list, the preview looked hilarious. and yes, aaron eckhart is some kind of yummy.

y'all crafty mamas amaze me with your halloween do-ings. I think most my childhood halloweens were spent with a white sheet over my head and two big eyes cut out. it's all about the candy, anyway, right? ;)

1:08 PM  
Anonymous Alicia A. said...

Cute sneaks.

Yay Habitat! It IS the coolest shoe store in town. Someday when the kids are bigger and I can work more, I'll fall off the wagon and buy more shoes!

1:09 PM  
Anonymous erin said...

love, love, love those green shoes!

8:11 PM  
Blogger molly said...

i need a new pair of shoes. desperately.
we don't really get in to halloween very much around here, but we DO dress up--but I'm thinking my girls are going to be sheep--white tees with cottonballs sewn/glued to them, black tights/t'neck, big floppy black ears...we'll see.
good luck with the superhero fight. don't you hate it went they want stuff like that. emma is begging for a barbie sewing machine she saw at target. sewing machine-yes! barbie?no!!

5:47 AM  
Anonymous blair said...

I just added those two movies to our queue. What would I do without you guys to keep us updated on good movies? Green shoes...I love those! have a great weekend!

8:44 AM  
Anonymous amy h said...

"Thank You For Smoking" is next up on my Netflix queue! It sounds like it will be good.

I wish we could have made it out for First Friday -- not many of these nice Fridays left...

10:16 AM  
Blogger trudesign said...

I LOVE those shoes, where did you get them?!

8:49 AM  

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