the power of suggestion

green coat
alicia about did me in the other day with her coat challenge. i love coats, but have little to show for it. decided to go for it anyway. this green coat was given to me by my friend beth (along with many other green things) last year while i was pregnant. which means i have yet to step out in this great coat. i think this is going to be a good winter. and it just so happens that i found another great coat while i was in portland. she must have been sending me good coat karma.
blue coat
how cool is this? i love everything about it, the color, the buttons but my favorite part is the collar. i picked up this little number at a place called pin me apparel on n mississippi ave. very cool shop, and very fortuitous for me. this coat keeps whispering in my ear, make me a big fuzzy brown scarf please. very convincing. you know what else is convincing? pictures of pretzels.
damn good
i got right on that friday afternoon and ate three with yellow mustard before leaving for a fancy pants dinner. probably not the best decision, but who could resist warm pretzels out of the oven? i couldnt. i also couldnt resist alicia's post involving said pretzels. what does that say about my susceptibility? i am not sure, but if anyone is planning on baking and posting pictures of a chocolate cake anytime soon, please let me know.


Blogger capello said...

Um... I made some gluten-free vanilla cupcakes with dark chocolate buttercream today.

And your coats are purty. I don't own a coat. (Weird, I know, especially for Kansas.)

5:55 PM  
Blogger beth said...

oh hannah. i can't wait to see you in that green coat. i'm so happy it can and will get worn! damn my broad shoulders. but at least i can still wear my fun orange one! :)

9:25 PM  
Blogger Toni said...

i'm lovin your coats--especially the blue one. such a great style.

the power of suggestion has sucked me in me more times then i like to admit!

9:50 PM  
Anonymous melissa f. said...

how did i not know you bought something at pin me? you were totally holding out on me... geez, now you're in for it.

and i hope the pants thing worked out okay, call this week and let me know...? i may have given you poor advice.

10:33 PM  
Anonymous Alicia A. said...

I'm so glad the pretzels turned out well. A little complicated (oh, Martha) but very yummy!

That blue coat is perfect! It looks great on you with your dark hair.

6:45 AM  
Anonymous blair said...

your coats are wonderful, that blue one perfect! I know what you mean, I got the coat bug from Alicia too, and found a nice sand colored one to add to my winter wardrobe the other day. And I saw those pretzels over at Mayfly too and printed out the recipe, hoping for a moment to make them today. I need them ; )

7:07 AM  
Anonymous jenny vorwaller said...

oh my goodness! i love them both, :)* !!

ps, if your wanderlust gets you, come and visit us!! :))

7:09 AM  
Blogger mariko said...

I love pretzels with mustard! It's been YEARS since I have made some. Hmmm. And Pin Me is a great store with, obviously, great coats!

12:47 PM  
Anonymous erin said...

love both of those coats! i would want either one myself.

2:45 PM  
Anonymous lisa said...

these are both great. i love the colors. do you have trouble finding cool coats because you are so tiny? although perhaps vintage stuff is easier for you to find (i always find stuff that's way too petite).

3:18 PM  
Anonymous jmac said...

shit...do you sleep?

3:54 PM  
Anonymous amy h said...

I love those coats -- both of them! Gimme color and I'm happy.

I almost made some of those pretzels after seeing them on Mayfly, too! I will soon -- they look so yummy.

10:34 PM  
Anonymous Alicia P. said...

Oh, adorable coats. I can't even decide which one I like better. I'll just take a pretzel, and call it good. :-)

7:40 AM  

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