lock in

lock in
i know this is my constant refrain, i was going to sew last night but... but really things happened. panicky things. i was checking my email and reading some blogs after getting the huffsters to bed when i had a thought. hmm, they sure did fall asleep fast, collette hasnt come out of the room once. let me back up and say that collette probably gets up at least 12 times after being put to bed, and that this goes on until around ten at night. very very very annoying to me. anyway, so it is almost nine and she hasnt come out once in 45 minutes. im thinking huh, she must have been tired. nice. so i wander into the kitchen to get a snack (uh, cinnamon roll) when i hear her at the door to the room. i should also say that we live in a two bedroom house and have three children stuffed into one of them. hearing her at the door i walk over to open it and tell her to get back in bed. locked. huh. ok. so i walk over to the other door to their room. locked. great. at this point collette is talking to me through the door, saying things like "mommy open door?". yes sweetie i will unlock the door. still not worried about the situation, i go on the hunt for something to use to put through the hole in the knob to unlock the safety catch, a pick up stick is the best thing i can find. it doesnt work. hmmm. maybe this plastic pick up stick is too bendy, go hunting some more, find the meat thermometer. that has to be the ticket, right? wrong. neither safety catch will open.

i think i have failed to mention that david is at a friends house working on a script. i try his cell phone, no answer. at this point my friend sarah walks in. she immediately gets to work on one door knob with the meat thermometer while i try to take the other off with a screw driver, while collette is still maintaining a running dialogue of gibberish on the other side of the door. i manage to remove the knob and push the other side through and onto the floor without smashing collettes toes, but the mechanism is still locked and the latch is still in the door jam. great. so at this point i am reduced to yelling through the hole in the door to wake up eliot because i am fairly confident that he can unlock the other door. man does that kid sleep deep. my yelling wakes up arlo who starts crying. awesome. i convince collette to climb up to the top bunk to wake up eliot. he gets up, but is still asleep. trys half heartedly to unlock the closet door, starts whining and then climbs back in bed and falls asleep again. sweet. ok. so i get david on the phone and he is headed back home to try to break into the window on the back side of the house and crawl into their room. if you are sitting there wondering about the hinges, they are on the inside. i checked. i ask collette to pick up the door knob and put it back in the hole so i can examine it and try to figure out the safety catch to try to open the other one. this involves a lot of finger gestures through the hole on both our parts. to cut a long blog post short, collette gets the knob back in the hole and sarah fiddles with it some and finally gets it to open. thank you sarah. and thank you for being there because really the only reason i wasnt panicking was because you kept saying "wow, you are such a good mom. i cant believe you arent freaking out right now".

i ended up soothing myself with some magazines, a bag of snyders mini pretzels and a jar of nutella. it is amazing the lengths some people will go to to avoid accomplishing anything isnt it?


Anonymous Alicia A. said...

Well, at least you got them out and you didn't have to poke their breakfast through the little doorknob hole...

9:51 AM  
Blogger mo wask said...

I am only laughing at this situation (which is not funny at all when happening) is that my son and his friend got locked in a bathroom not too long ago. They freaked at first but finally calmed down after time had elapsed and through us giving them instructions on how to unlock the door... they got out. Old houses have such cool knobs but so not child friendly. Half of ours stick and our son yells at us to GET HIM OUT. Glad everything ended well. Maybe tonight will be better for sewing. (I've been saying that for a week now - argh!)

9:54 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

a morning smile. thank you! and - "wow, you are such a good mom. i cant believe you arent freaking out right now".!!

10:22 AM  
Blogger beth said...

i loved getting the call last night. my first thought was - how'd you even know they were locked in - they should've been asleep. but i immediately thought of collette, and understood. :)

glad it all worked out.

10:33 AM  
Blogger Leslie said...

The sound of Collette jibber jabbering away is much too cute. . .and the sleepwalking Eliot, the waking Arlo. . .this all equates to a funny, funny sitcom! Maybe David can make this into a script too?!

10:55 AM  
Anonymous laeroport said...

Wow! Good for you not freaking out! I would be freaking out. So Collette won't be playing with the locks again, will she?

11:54 AM  
Anonymous myra said...

Oh no! That happened to me once when Buddy was about 2 and I totally freaked out (I considered calling the fire department), which of course made him freak out as well. Good for you for remaining so calm.

11:59 AM  
Anonymous amy k. said...

um-gosh. I feel so bad for laughing so hard at this and reading it aloud to pete. . glad it all worked out and that no windows had to be broken-

I actually know someone who took the doorknob off her daughter's door,the inside only, ON PURPOSE-to keep her from getting up too much. . freaky! (sad but true)

12:07 PM  
Anonymous sally said...

Oh Hannah! You made me laugh so hard! And yes, you are an AWESOME mom, not panicking and all!

12:09 PM  
Blogger shannon said...

hilariuos....i would've freaked out.

1:23 PM  
Anonymous sarah said...

I want to testify to the calmness that is Hannah in these situations! I was amazed. You forgot to include that right after we got the door opened that sweet little girl shut it AGAIN...but fortunately we already had the other door unlocked! This is for sure my new favorite memory with the Huffmans.

1:32 PM  
Blogger vwiese said...

I am so glad that it was you and not me. Wouldn't that be awesome if you had a sitter that night and you came home to this situation. Oh, man, I would would run home crying if that happend to me. hee hee. Great story, you are wonderful at writing!!

2:00 PM  
Anonymous blair said...

kids and locks don't mix well with us either. Glad all is safe. And, yes, nutella always makes everything better.

5:41 PM  
Blogger angelique said...

Too funny! Have some Nutella to congratulate yourself when you get your sewing done, too. That's the beauty of Nutella -- it's both consolation and reward!

8:54 AM  
Anonymous erin said...

Oh Hannah, I feel for you. The same thing happened to me when Jane was about 2 1/2. She locked herself in my parent's bathroom, actually, just the little room with the toilet in it. The lights were off and she couldn't reach the switch. My mom had a key, but it wouldn't work. We tried for about 30 minutes to get it open, all the while trying to prompt a 2 year old to unlock the door and turn on the light. I did resort to pushing cookies and a teeny tiny pen light under the door to keep her calm. Finally, we called in the locksmith and she was freed in a matter of minutes. She is now 6 1/2 and still remembers when she locked herself in Mimi's bathroom. I certainly will never forget either! Kudos to you for keeping calm!

9:25 AM  
Anonymous lisa said...

okay, now i understand the title of that flickr photo. i guess it helps to read your blog!! ha. funny story.

4:02 PM  

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