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soup for lucy
david went out of town again on sunday for three days, so the kids and i packed up and went to my parents house for half the week. my mom is generously watching them so that i can save my vacation time for september. instead of making her do all the driving to my house, i have been commuting to work from their house. my parents live in a wonderful old house (the one my dad has lived in since he was eight) on nine acres out in the "country". i grew up there too and it is amazing to be able to share it with my children now. we spent most of last evening making rock soup for lucy the cat. there is a whole set of pictures on flickr. and i also tried to capture the sound of summer on video. this is for you molly...


Anonymous Alicia A. said...

Looks nice- Country life near the city. I bet it was just country life when your dad grew up there.

11:49 AM  
Blogger mo wask said...

sounds like summer to me.

12:25 PM  
Blogger Tracy said...

the house looks amazing! lucky little huffsters!!

12:40 PM  
Blogger Leslie said...

Hannah, I had a great time peeking at all of your childhood home pictures! So fabulous that your parents' home holds so many memories from so many generations. And I loved all the details of the house -- the woodwork, the stained glass, the chipping paint. . . lovely! All of it!

2:37 PM  
Anonymous sally said...

That is SO neat to grow up in a house that has been in your family for so long. One day we're hoping to have our own little farmhouse.

4:10 PM  
Blogger Molly said...

Oh WOW - does that ever sound like summer! You know, hearing that right now, I actually sort of miss those Plains-states summers, crazy heat and all. Hannah, look what you've done to me! Sigh.

Your parents' place sounds - and looks - absolutely amazing. It must be chock-full of old family tidbits and lore. So, so lovely!

5:59 PM  
Blogger h&b said...

Poor Lucy !!

How *did* she enjoy the rock soup in the end ?

Did she get that cat look of not-impressed-are-you-freaking-serious disgust ?


1:12 AM  
Blogger shannon said...

your parents house is awesome....perfect for picture taking. when i was there my mind was going crazy with photo ideas. ahhhh...the sound of summer...absolutely fabulous:)

10:50 AM  
Anonymous toby said...

I love the new banner. What a shot!

1:48 PM  
Blogger kristen said...

hannah, i love all the photos of your parents' house. i especially like the one where you can see the unfinished baby quilt for vance in the foreground! thanks for sharing these.

10:31 PM  

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