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it seems like the only crafting i can manage to do right now is last minute gifts. granted it is getting harder for me to sew as i cant get close enough to my machine. belly issues. i made a very, very, very fast tote for one of the ladies at papersource. we did a post holidays party a few weeks ago.
it was fun to make. all floppy and simple, like the batch that amanda whipped up a while ago. the beautiful floral fabric came from a swap with sweet kelly. it was hard for me to cut into it. so pretty. but i am trying to overcome my cutting anxieties. i cant wait until spring so i can start sewing like mad. little baby things and cute summer dresses for collette. and if im lucky, a skirt or two for myself!

thank you all for your sweet belly comments. im ready to meet this little girl. i think she has a lot of sass, based upon the amount of kicking she is doing. also i have so many thank yous and pictures to post (soon teri, soon!).


Blogger kristen said...

hannah, the fact that you not only make time to sew, but feel like sewing, when you are probably days away from giving birth makes me feel like more of a slacker than i already do! very fun tote...i'm sure the recipient loved it. i can't wait to see all the goodness you whip up this summer!

9:37 PM  
Anonymous kelly said...

love what you did with the fabric... it was meant to be yours!

2:27 PM  

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