i have always loved photography, the main influence coming from my aunt mary. she went to school for photography, and has worked for many years as a commercial photographer, designer and many other things. most of the black and white photos from my childhood were snapped by her. the picture in the last spt post being my favorite. i used to spend a week or so with her every summer, she lives about three hours away, but for me it was a adventure and always so way more cool than anything that could be found at home. i would spend hours in her studio and dark room, helping patiently and being super quiet. the last thing i wanted to do was annoy her and not get asked back. i would tell her i was going to go to college and study photography and come and work for her studio, collette studios. this was just about the penultimate in my book. of course high school hit. i made close friends and was slightly more interested in spending my summers with them, talking about boys and clothes and shoes instead of with my aunt. i still thought she was cool, but the lure was not as strong. in school i was loving my science and history classes and was vaguely unaware and intimidated by the art classes. i think we had photography, but i wasnt too sure. all i know was that the art kids were just that, art kids through and through. i was not nearly as eclectic or "artsy" enough. i was a nerd that got good grades in all my classes, i was on the straight and narrow. you know, never get a B, get a good scholarship and follow all my friends into some ivy league school that i could never afford. that was the life for me, and photography just slowly drifted away. im not creative, im not artistic, and im certainly not any good, my nerd self told me. oh well. where does art get you anyway, right?

sometimes i wish i could talk with my highschool self and tell her, hey you can be both! smart and artistic. creative and nerdy. dont let it go. keep some delight for yourself. or maybe back even further to my grade school self who thought she would be a writer. author of the famous fifth grade young authors contest winning story "valley of the unicorns". keep it up i would say. you can write and do homework. its possible, no its vital. later you will yearn for a creative outlet. wish you could do more, wish you had started sooner. but would we listen to ourselves? probably not.

my creativity didnt burst onto the scene until my daughter was born. and man did it burst! i stumbled upon a wee little blog and was hooked. a few months later, i was the proud owner of a sewing machine and beginning to amass fabric like crazy. and what does every crafty blogger need, almost more than a sewing machine? a digital camera! so i got one of those too. and i have been snapping away. and all that snapping has made me remember how much i love photography. funny huh? its like a little circle. i have been so inspired lately, as i spend more and more time on flickr looking at amazing photographs, visual blogs like bellablue and port2port just make me melt in delight. and make me want to do something about it. first step is for me to get more familiar with my camera, take it off automatic mode and get daring. its a scary first step for me. there is still a lot of science nerd in me freaking out about anything at all having to do with *gasp* ...a...r...t or *gasp* ...c...r...e...a...t...i...v...i...t...y.... i keep telling the nerd, hey listen sweetie, 2006 is a new year. great things are happening for our family. heck, i might even get to break the bonds of 40 hour a week employment and stay at home! what you say? stay at home? maybe check out photography books from the library? what? maybe take a night class at the art institute this summer? what??? that is crazy talk. or is it? it remains to be seen. my planner is wide open, remember? another scary step was for me to go through iphoto last night and pick out some of my favorite shots that i have taken and put them in a slideshow on flickr. at some point, i will go pro and have more than three sets, so until then, slideshows. i know a lot of them are out of focus, i keep telling myself its "artsy", but it is a beginning.


Anonymous Amanda said...

Hi Hannah! Please remember that you can be both a nerd and an artist!!! It's so easy to think that we can only do one of these, but that's not true. I'm also a nerdy science type, and like you have rediscovered my artistic yearnings since my son was born. (As a side note: aren't kids great for dragging us kicking and screaming toward what is best for us anyway?) It's great that you're thinking of taking a class, I hope you do!!!

1:31 PM  
Anonymous bellablue said...

Oh, we are all on this journey of creativity... it seems to come and go in cycles. Scholl didn't do much for me creatively (except for finding creative ways to get away with doing as little homework as possible or hiding and reading my OWN book during a boring lecture).

Its only been since having kids that I have discovered how much I NEED a creative outlet. Without it I would go insane. No joke. I tried crafting for awhile and while I love it I am a person that needs more "instant gratification". Perhaps that is part of what inspired me to pick up a camera again after all of those wasted years. My biggest inspiration is my kids... and you've got me thinking... I need to tell THEM that when they wake up tomorrow. :)

Good luck in your endeavors. You have such a creative and wonderful blog!

6:58 PM  
Anonymous myra said...

What a great post! It's so inspiring and encouraging to read about how everyone gets to where they're at creatively and how we're all constantly evolving in our interests.

And it really is neat how our kids are the source of all this creativity and inspiration. I hope that I'll be able to teach Buddy to always nurture and never neglect his creative side.

9:34 PM  
Anonymous DAyna said...

I really enjoyed your slideshow...those pig tails are too cute!

7:55 AM  
Anonymous toby said...

2006, the year of art! I'm with you. Do that crazy Hannah thing you do!

10:14 AM  
Anonymous jmac said...

do it dude! TYOTD.

12:08 PM  
Blogger beth said...

hannah - i had no idea this all started after collette. guess i didn't meet you til after collette, so that could be why. i so think of you as creative and artistic. an excellent photographer, sewer, crafter. and most definitely, writer. i'm so excited to hear you plan to delve even further. can't wait to see the results. you rock.

5:22 PM  
Anonymous Anamaria said...

Thanks for this post, Hannah. I'm only an occasional commenter, but an always reader, and (like some others who have commented on this post), I followed a similar trajectory towards art, photography, creativity in general. You're right, we probably wouldn't have listened, back in high school--I hope our little ones, do!

1:31 PM  
Blogger Meegan Blue said...

I'm right there with you Hannah. I was always drawn to all things artistic (it kind of runs in the family) but it wasn't until Zoe was born, almost two years ago, that I started down this current creative path. And this path has been the best one of all, maybe because I need it more than I ever did. I'm so thankful for this wonderful world of bloogers, supportive and inspiring in all endeavors. I think you're very artistc and a great writer. I always look forward to my frequent reading of your blog!

4:47 PM  
Anonymous katherine said...

Hi Hannah.
You don't know me, Toby told me about your blog, hope you don't mind. (btw, I’m the annoying girl that’s always asking him questions relating to biology or archeology and then he bugs you about it on my behalf. my sincere thanks for taking the time to answer!) although I never comment, I do enjoy reading. So I guess that classifies me as a lurker.
But alas, my lurking ways come to an end thanks to this entry.
I’m commenting because I truly identify with it. In third grade, after reading The Hobbit by JR Tolkien, I became obsessed and began writing short stories and mounting them on pop up books. I also swore to myself that I was going to be a writer. So when you mentioned wanting to be a writer in elementary I felt as though I had written your blog entry.. Seriously. I was the exact same way through out high school. I was friends with the drama and art kids but always remained the nerdy band/choir geek that was in AP or gifted and spent all day in the library instead of painting. It wasn’t until my junior year in college that I took an art class and then a photojournalism class shortly thereafter that I experienced a moment of self-realization and thought: now this is what I should’ve been doing all of my life.
Have you ever heard of Annie Leibovitz? She’s an amazing photographer, although I prefer her earlier work. She began taking pictures during an archeological dig at King Solomon’s temple in Israel when she was already finishing college. She said something about the camera that always stuck with me; that it’s a “license and it makes you feel you have a right to walk around like you are doing something. I think what happens is that you forget you're there. It's like an all access pass that gives you the courage to do things you’d never do without the camera,” such as going down to the docks in San Francisco and asking a fisherman if he would take you out on his boat. Maybe that type of thinking applies more to journalistic photography but nevertheless; I got the same feeling when I started experimenting with photography.
yikes, before I end up writing you a book, I’ll wrap it up.
I think it's great that you are thinking of taking up photography. It’s never too late to learn something and judging from all the creative things you’ve made, I think you are a very artsy person. Whether you like it or not.
Good luck in your new endeavor.

9:29 PM  
Anonymous julie said...

Hannah, I've always thought of you as someone who is great at everything. No one would ever know that you hadn't been crafty and artsy and able to sew before Collettey. I miss your help and advice on the few projects I attempt. Now when I buy a stamp or fabric, I'll have to figure out what to do on my own. I also wish we were near so you could capture some good shots of Ethan. Blessings in 2006!

10:27 AM  
Anonymous maria said...

don't let what is tagged by others as "atsy" tell you what is "artsy" ... your already shine with creativity and it will just continue to grow!!! it always does. you are an artist, you are!

thank you for mentioning me as an inspiration. i am very touched.

keep on keeping on and i look forward to catching up with you! take good care, mav

6:35 AM  

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