corners of my home

dont worry, im not going to make anyone cry with this corners post. thank you all for the kind comments on the last one. they really made david feel good about everything. this time around i am going to talk about the corners that eliot and collette make all warm and fuzzy. we are a four, soon to be five person family living in a two bedroom home. that in and of itself makes things pretty "cozy", right? eliot and collette share a bedroom which because of its size requires that the bed and the crib occupy opposite corners. i tried to capture some pictures of them sleeping all curled and nested and sweet.
eliots corner
eliot in his corner. i was surprised when i went in last night because he is usually asleep surrounded by books and toy cars and legos and whatever else gets caught in his dragnet before bedtime. which i usually remove because he looks so uncomfortable.
land of nod
collette in her corner. first thing she does when put to bed is rip off her socks. she never, ever sleeps in a parallel position in the crib, and she absolutely MUST have her stuffed neighno (rhino) with her. neighno is currently on her face. i love peeking in on the kids when they are asleep. some of my favorites are just holding a hand, or stroking their hair. i always check collettes feet to see if they are ice cold and they never are. little heaters. i love the way they swirl their blankets and covers around into little nests. it is also pretty fun to come in and see what position they are going to be in. they certainly make these two little corners of our house very warm and special.

and because i couldnt resist...


Anonymous kelly said...

isn't it incredible how they can sometimes be such terrible monsters during the day, but then always transform into perfect little angels while asleep?!? when I peek in at Brynne sleeping, I still see that perfectly peaceful little newborn face...

2:21 PM  
Anonymous david said...

those toes...

2:36 PM  
Anonymous ke said...

wait, i thought this post wasn't supposed to make me cry... you have the best kids ever. i love the corners they are in too.

6:30 AM  
Anonymous julie said...

how sweet!! what is it with little ones wanting to cover their faces while they sleep?

1:02 PM  

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