halloween help?

my attention is slowly turning towards halloween costumes. eliot has run through the gamut of ideas and finally settled on batman. for me not to exciting, but i think he is already old enough to start ignoring my suggestions. i think he got sick of me asking him if he didnt want to be a turtle instead. ok, so batman it is. which means of course that collette will be robin. any suggestions? im thinking that the majority of the costume details are going to be made out of felt and the main clothing parts will be color appropriate sweat pants or something. for eliot im thinking pointy black head piece/mask, yellow belt and required batman emblem for his shirt. for collette, yellow cape, red felt vest and black eye mask if she lets me. i will spare you my sketches, instead here is a great pic i swiped from an ebay auction, the way i remember batman...but i guess he has become more masculine since 1978 huh?


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