birthday fun

had a great time on saturday celebrating for clark and sarah's birthday! i labored all day saturday making sarahs birthday present, a cover for her hot water bottle. let me back up. i met sarah about two years ago and thought to myself, now there is an interesting person. over the last two years, that original thought has been affirmed and reaffirmed many times over, but now i dont think i could live without her. last winter sarah watched the kids for us one day a week, and that is when i noticed the hot water bottle, among other things, but i wont go into those... at first i thought she was crazy, i mean really, who carries a hot water bottle with them? who takes it to the movies? um, sarah does. but then, after all my scoffing, sarah did the best thing ever. she bought me my own! and i love it!!! i am here to tell you, no to jump onto my soap box, all you ladies, run, dont walk, to your nearest drug store and buy yourself a hot water bottle. you will spend a winter luxuriating in warm comfort. im telling you what, having a hot water bottle snuggled next to your feet under a blanket while watching tv in the winter is about the best thing ever. after an evening of tv, refill your kind friend and take it to bed with you! i mean it! you wont regret it. all that to say that sarah and i have been talking about some sort of fashionable cover for our hot water bottles for some time now. for her birthday i came up with what i am calling prototype no. 1. im not sure if i will stick with the original format, but i do like the results. its kind of like a dress shirt for your hwb. i found some great reproduction vintage calico at joanns and some vintage buttons at a garage sale. it is true, necessity IS the mother of invention. there are a couple more shots of the cover in action on flickr. the party was great fun. thank you john and kristen for offering up your home. and thank you to donna and beth for fufilling a pregnant womans cravings and bringing mozzarella sticks. mmm... david and i ate another dozen the next night. ssshhhh!!!!

ps. id like to give a shout out to brett, one of my most loyal readers. thanks for the heads up vikki!


Blogger dopeattic said...

i got your fine postcard note yesterday, hanging up above my ledge here at work. tanks a bumpch! btw, i think i know your friend sarah. i have noticed pics of her on your blog before and thought i recognized her, does she have any connections to chattanooga?

9:38 AM  
Anonymous sarah said...

Thank you Hannah for the gift and the kind words. For some people it is some technological invention that changes the way they live...for me...it is the hot water bottle. I hate to be cold. The new cover is perfect and I second the call to go purchase one yourself. Would I dare say, Hannah, that perhaps even other household members find they also have a love for the hwb? I think so. I have no connection to
Chatanooga for the record.

12:01 PM  
Anonymous ke said...

i'm a believer in the hwb too. i might need to make a nice warm cover this winter as well. it was such a fun weekend. clark & i loved it.

1:17 PM  
Anonymous myra said...

Hot water bottle? I wonder if it would be good at my desk at work where the AC is cranked up so high I run a space heater all day.

Love the cover!

1:26 PM  
Anonymous brett said...

what can i say? i enjoy surfing craft blogs...but i guess i can no longer surf in obscurity.

2:54 PM  
Blogger dopeattic said...

oh dear, i apologize, i believe i was confused, i think kerry is the one that's familiar-a possible chatt. connect? thanks for the clear up s.

8:53 AM  

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