mish mash

if i were to guess, i would say that david probably doesnt like it when i say mish mash. especially in response to the question, what's for dinner? by mish mash, i mean whatever combination you can come up with from the various left overs in the fridge. so, here is my bit of mish mash for blogging. i did manage to get down in the basement last weekend and do some cleaning. im not done, so i wont reveal the dramatic results just yet. and really, they are not very dramatic. it just sounds fun. while i was down there digging through my piles of fabric, i did take pictures of my vintage pieces. i
have been feeling sorry for myself ever since hillary started the vintage fabric group on flickr. i would ooh and aah over everything and wish i had some. i found out this weekend that i have more than i thought, and the best part? all but one of them have been gifts from my wonderful friends! that makes them even more special to me. so check out the group, it was fun to add my share! i also took pictures of my one and only vintage apron for the vintage apron group, which was exciting to contribute to. i hope to gather more aprons into my collection. i really love that the pocket is a cup and saucer. i added a detail picture in flickr. i took advantage of the wonderful daylight yesterday to snap a picture of eliots super simple pre-school blanket. it was so easy and satisfying to make. two yards of flannel and some zig-zag stitching. and he loves it! he is pretty much exactly a yard long, for now anyway. much better than a towel i say. let see, what else in in this mish mash.... oh one thing to note, we finally convinced collette of the virtue of shoes, just in time for fall weather. i swear this child has been barefoot for most of her 16 months. the first time we put shoes on her (a month ago) she cried and cried like we had insulted her most basic sensibilities. after some coaxing, the purchase of some socks that are not two inches thick, and a few walks up and down the sidewalk, i think she is into it. now i can begin many years training of shoe fetish indoctrination... anyway, here is a picture. its funny how shoes suddenly make her look so much older. like a big girl! i have to note that she is sitting on a hideous hospital couch in this picture. we visted a friend from work yesterday who had a baby girl. i also need to say a very sincere thank you to one of the sweetest women i know, mrs. fulton, my friend kerrys mom. she sends eliot and collette little gifts in the mail, and picks up cutie things on clearance at gymborie. mrs. fulton picked out this little outfit for collette. i wish her thumb wasnt in her mouth so you could see the cool fabric flower on her shirt, and the sweet little sheep on her skirt. thank you so much mrs. fulton! that about sums up the mish mash for today. next week is going to be totally crazy. we have the sonogram on wednesday and the sufjan stevens concert that night! im excited about both of those! such a handsome man... uh, yeah. so then david is having his wisdom teeth extracted on friday, and i will be spoon feeding him pudding the rest of the weekend. all that mixed in with pre-school and finding sitters, mish mash indeed!


Anonymous ke said...

leona rocks. the blanket turned out great. its amazing what a little flannel & a zig zag stitch can do for you. i love sufjan. and my mom. mish mash means finally some computer time for you. so glad.

8:25 PM  
Anonymous Mary Fulton said...

That little Collette would look darling in anything but she is especially cute in that little green outfit. Actually Kerry was the one who selected this one. I do love buying baby clothes!!!!!! I am still so grateful to you and David for videoing Clark and Kerry's wedding. Just think - you were pregnant with Eliot at the time.

6:16 AM  
Anonymous kelly said...

Sounds like a great (and busy!) mish mash to me! Thanks for sharing your vintage fabrics and that great apron - so cute!

8:46 AM  
Blogger Leslie said...

Ha! Can you believe that I had FORGOTTEN what it was like when little ones start wearing shoes? Alison and Henry were the same way . . .barefoot for the longest time (about 18 months), and them BAM! Shoes and socks! They hated them!

Your mish mash post really triggered some memories in my mish mashed brain! Thanks!

Oh and big hugs to David! I hope he recovers quickly!

9:34 AM  
Blogger chief gordon said...

i feel so loved.

i'm not sure i've ever done anything as rewarding as videotape C&K's wedding. the compensation has been boundless.

1:03 PM  
Anonymous myra said...

Collette really does look like a big girl in her shoes!

I love your vintage collection. I wish I could find more vintage things here.

4:08 PM  
Anonymous jmac said...

oh, david. I'm sorry man. Whatever you do, don't suck through a straw...ouch. Not unless you like the taste of blood. I'm also glad Collette is learning the importance of shoes...just wait girl!!!!

7:54 PM  

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