it is a wonder i can make it out the door every morning. i cant seem to remember anything these days. on the days i want to bring my camera to work to download stuff, i probably actually bring it 30% of the time. so when i do manage to bring it to work, what do i do? leave it in my desk. grrrr. which means no picture of eliots blanket! i asked david to make sure it made its way back into his backpack so i could snap a shot this weekend. i wonder if he remembered... in the absence of pictures, i thought i would supply one of kerry's creation. she made the cutest teddy bear for a friends baby shower a few weeks ago, and when we showed up in columbia last weekend, there was one for collette! i think she likes it.

i keep lamenting about the state of my craft space in the basement (picture a ping pong table covered and mounded with stuff), and i am going to do something about it this weekend! promise number one to myself. we are also going to be dining out with friends on saturday in honor of davids birthday. someplace kid friendly but with good food, blue koi springs to mind. although i guess david gets to pick. speaking of birthdays, wanted to wish a big happy 29 to amanda!!! hope your day is totally wonderful!


Blogger Jes said...

I love the kid's cheeks!!

Happy Birthday Grandma...(the journal is FAB)!

I must get over to Amanda and wish her Happy Birthday!

4:20 AM  
Anonymous kerry said...

collette is so kind. i hope you get a chance to organize this weekend. i love organization! can't wait to see the blanket, did you like how it turned out?

7:45 AM  
Anonymous amanda said...

Aw, thanks!! You're so sweet!! ;)

And can I say that I'm lauging a bit at the image of a ping pong table covered in fabric and such? Is that really what it's like? Must see pics!!

8:27 AM  
Anonymous julie said...

collette is too much! I'm glad she got a bear too.

12:06 PM  

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