Let there be light

dearest friends, sorry i have been away for so long. i was unexpectedly called back to the field for a week, and have had quite the time catching back up. i owe both sweetpea jes and myra big thank yous for the packages i found waiting for me at home. pictures to come once my dang batteries charge up. our household is in an uproar right now, for many good reasons, which i will be sharing more on in the near future, i promise amanda! also, so many of my good friends have started blogging, and moving away i might add, but thanks to the wonders of the internet and the blog world we are all still one big happy family. i can now proudly add my closest friend kerry to my links list. as well as sarah and jeff (a very interesting joint blog). other much needed updates to my links list include mike and julie, jmac and chris. so glad to see so many friends with blogs, and so amazed by all the wonderful friends i have made through blogs! love it.

ps. happy birthday dad!


Anonymous amanda said...

Okay, thank you!!! You've been making me crazy over here wondering where the heck you are! LOL! Hope you're finding some moments of peace in your choas right now--can't wait for more updates. Thinking of you.

2:31 PM  
Anonymous myra said...

Yeah! You're back! I too was wondering where you were. Guess we've both been out in the field this month.

Welcome back!!

(And it's my Dad's birthday today too!)

4:59 PM  

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