before (bleh...):

after (aaaahhhh):

it truly felt like heaven to slip out of my hot, heavy boots at the end of the day. that extra twenty minutes just does a body good. and green makes me smile. im on a big green kick right now, who knows. im freaking sore today, that innocent looking mud on my boots dried into the rock solid dirt from hell by lunch time. it didnt help matters that i got up at 5:45 this morning to run for the first time in two years. my right knee was giving me some grief, but i put two and two together this afternoon and realized that that is my shoveling knee. im not strong enough to use arm force alone to get a good shovel-full of dirt, so i have to kick my shovel in with my right foot, and i think all that jarring is making my knee hurt. at least, im sticking with that explanation and not that im getting old. it is getting hotter, and the mosquitoes were out today for the first time. this all amounts to a sexy little package for david when i get home. just picture it: red neck, farmers tan, glowing white legs and red bug bites on just about every part of my body. what man could resist? its a wonder i get any rest on my weekends home...

on a crafty note, i am so very excited because i ordered an outfit for collette from the lovely and very talented amy from angry chicken and kingpod! check out her amazing small quilts. they are soooo cool. my favorite one right now is "secret way to blue planet". and i plan on starting some embroidery tonight. i didnt get any done last time because when i finally sat down to do it, i realized i left my hoop in kansas city. nice. so i made a special effort to bring it this time. i bought some plain shorts and tanks for collette that i am going to embellish in some way. we shall see how things go, im a rookie at this. what am i talking about, im a rookie at everything! also kelly from buzzville is planning a fun monkey party for her daughter brynne (its on the same day as collette's! how cosmic) and she make some rad shrinky dink charms. im so wanting to try shrinking something. too late for this one but im sure something will come around soon that needs shrinky dinks. it has to.


Blogger molly said...

those shoes are the best! i've been wearing my new red ones a lot too. so comfy, but my friends make fun of me--they think it looks like i accidentally left the house in my bathroom slippers. maybe they fit in more on a work site like yours. green looks great!

2:58 AM  
Anonymous Back Tack-er said...

Cute shoes!

I'm sending fabric to you for the back tack exchange. What would please your swap pal? What are you making? Color, fabric preferences? Embellishments? If you have something in mind, let me know.

You can write me back at craftyanonymous@gmail.com

10:26 AM  
Anonymous myra said...

Those shoes look so cool! I've grown to dislike my work boots immensely! Whenever I wear them my feet feel like 5 lb weights. I can't imagine how I used to wear Docs everyday.

Can't wait to see the outfit Amy's making and your embroidery project!

2:10 PM  
Blogger kristen said...

i'm so jealous of your fun green crocs. they didn't have that color when i decided on my light blue ones. i, too, am into everything green right now...it must be a spring-thing. hope you had a good mother's day!

11:21 PM  

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