what a weekend!

granted its tuesday night and im talking about my weekend, but im a little behind right now... sheesh. work is killing me! all this rush around to get things done so i can go do fieldwork, im not so sure if that is such a good system. maybe i should sloooow things down. if i was smart i would. but enough about work, lets talk fun!! back to the weekend, which was AWESOME! for starters kc blessed us with wonderful weather, mid seventies, breezy, and sun, sun, SUN! yippie for nice weather. saturday was a quick day at the papersource, as usual. new goodies in the store that i couldnt resist such as: octopus gift wrap, pillow boxes, and 70's mens catalog postcards. score! saturday night i visited with my friend beth, recently back from a two month trip to ireland, scotland and england. it was nice to live vicariously for a few hours. an sweet italian girl came into the store sat and after helping her figure out the correct change, she gave me one of the euro coins i spied in her palm. i came home and told david that we were obligated to go to europe and spend it before a year has passed. so mark it on your calendars, april 3rd, 2006.

sunday was an even better day! after church my friend kerry and i took the huffsters to my parents house and then hit the fabric stores. there was a quilt shop hop event going on all weekend, and what better excuse to check out some fabric?? i found some great fat quarters, and came to the realization that i am hopelessly addicted to all the vintage looking 30s reproduction stuff. cant get enough of it!

also managed to find these little guys at a quiltshop. thought they would make great baby gift toppers.

they are technically called dreampets, but i call them stinking cute. look at that naughty little giraffe, she picked a flower! what else? kerry found this wonderful vintage thrift/antique store, called nine lives, and it was full of cool stuff. i managed to find the motherload of vintage childrens books brimming with woodland creature scenes perfect for the invitations i am making for collette. i havent had a chance to scan any in yet, but they will come. i also picked up this great purse, at a different sale, which i dont know when i will get to use it, but i couldnt resist its springy colors and bumpy goodness. i thought it wise to throw in one of eliots cars for scale.

monday turned out to be just a beautiful weather wise. oh did i not mention that i stay home mondays now? I DO!!! and it rocks. i love having an extra day with the huffsters, and giving david some time away from the house to work and catch up on sanity. i see it as a pure win win. except for the small issue of being computerless on mondays, and blogless... i think we are rapidly moving towards becoming a two computer family. that mac mini is calling my name...anyway, so monday brought more special fun. extreme makeover home edition has been in kansas city for the past six days, so we packed up the fam and headed over to the work site to see ty, i mean show eliot all the bulldozers.

see, even ty was excited about the big machines!

so was mom. if only that big machine would have been a little closer... oh well. eliot was really excited about the bulldozers and the added bonus of police motorcycles all over the place.

he looks so little! of course only moments before this picture he was screaming in fear of the thing, and of course moment before the screaming he was begging to go check it out. kids... go figure.

ps. i finally figured out how to make a picture bigger when you click on it, with help from the hinge. if you wanted to take a closer look at those fabrics, go ahead, but you really want to take a closer look at ty. i know you do. just click it... do it...


Blogger Susanne said...

great fat quarter finds! my favorite is the house print...does this mean you'll be starting on a quilt soon? :)

8:05 PM  
Anonymous amy k. said...

wow-I want all those fabrics! But, I have limited my shopping for awhile, until I finish updating kingpod (yeah, right!:)

8:14 PM  
Anonymous myra said...

What great finds, those little stuffies are too cute and I'm digging those fat quarters.

8:24 PM  
Anonymous kristen said...

ok hannah, i'm starting to become completely jealous about all your outings with kerry to vintage fabric sales and new antique stores. i'm going to start stalking you two...or just inviting myself along and being that annoying third wheel. can't...wait...to...get...to...kc.great finds on the fat quarters!

8:35 PM  
Blogger dopeattic said...

hi five on the fantastic weekend! sounds like an excellent x. love the fabric too!!!

7:57 AM  
Blogger krissy said...


me likey!

9:48 PM  

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