a million thank yous....

oh my goodness... the batteries are charged and loaded, now lean close to your monitor and prepare to be amazed! first off, the most wonderful and talented myra from the island of cuteness sent me the most wonderful swap goodies (she most definitely got the short end of the stick!) first she made this gorgeous purse with a sweet little bird applique. look how stinking cute!!! even david said it was cool, a guy!

the purse alone is awesome, but would you believe me if i tell you it was full of goodies??? yes, it was full of goodies, and i really mean it when i say full and goodies...

yippie!! do you spy the matching tissue holder with its own adorable birdie? well let me give you a closer look.

not to mention the sweet little puppy made of felt, apparently myra has been blessed with the gift of turning felt into little adorable bits. i think she made a pact with the devil. check out the cute robot finger puppet she sent for eliot, and the clips for collette...

would i be a horrible mother if i kept them for myself??? i suppose i will have to be satisfied with the HAND PAINTED magnets! they are already on my desk at work, to make me smile. i need some cuteness there. and i stashed the pucca pen, stickers and hula dancer sticky pad in my new cute purse! oh, and the kola cookies? yeah, they are gone, along with half the peach mentos. im saving the macadamia nuts for tomorrow.

speaking of yummy treats, here is a picture of the the awesome haremail package i got from jessica last weekend. um, yeah, most of that candy is already gone... happy easter to me!! a plush peep bag clip and a sweet little box that she hand painted and decoupaged (?), and cute bunny towel! thank you so much jessica!

we had a great time easter sunday. wonderful church service followed by a basket hunt at home and lunch with our friends the jason and melinda and their son lake. it was a nice day which was great for two reasons: eliot and lake got to play outside all day, and i got to put a new dress on collette and nibble on her bare feet and arms!!!

mmmm....look at those fat toes... and last but certainly not least, a cheesy smile from eliot. have a wonderful weekend!!


Blogger dopeattic said...

wowie h. you have the mostest generous friends. i'd like to swap with myra for sure. keep a lookout for spring treasures from the southeast corner-cat style!!!

6:25 AM  
Anonymous kelly said...

What fantabulous mail! And I love her beautiful Easter dress!

7:58 AM  
Blogger Leslie said...

Hi Hannah!
What a great swap -- and the goodies inside are quite wonderful. The finger puppet and hair clips are much too sweet. And Collette's dress is so GIRLIE. I love it! And polka dots too!

I, too, love nibbling on baby toes....and cheeks....and necks....and tummies.

I've been meaning to post lately .. .but for some reason I couldn't post on your site (very weird!)

8:57 AM  
Anonymous myra said...

I'm glad you liked them. I had so much fun making everything. I'm loving the pictures of your cutie pies!

11:17 AM  
Blogger Giao said...

Your babies are the most adorable little things! Awww! And holy Moises (Moses)! You got a wild stash of goodies galore! Lucky girl!

12:00 PM  
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