i have been really busy at work, not to mention doing research on quilting! thank you again for all your suggestions, i feel so much more confident in what i am going to try. i also checked out two really good books, the quilt encyclopedia illustrated, and all about quilting from a to z, at least they have been helpful to me. i also checked this book out to photo copy a pattern that i really liked. i find that i am repeatedly drawn to the quilts from the thirties, or i should say the quilts made with printed fabrics from the thirties. i love all the colorful, little floral patterns. didnt think i would ever be saying that, but here i am... at some point i will scan and post the picture of the quilt i like.

speaking of pictures, i have a few randoms that i wanted to post. i had mentioned a while back that i made a collaged birthday card for a friend after being inspired by cat and hope. here is what i came up with.

not to shabby, i was very pleased with the results. as was tara. she already has the makeup bag stuffed to the gills. my other attempt at a first did not go as well. i tried to make my first "softie" or stuffed or plush or whatever you want to call it. hillary over at weewonderfuls makes the cutest little things. so i decided on a little turtle for collette. i could see him plain as day in my head, but alas it wasnt so easy as i thought.

i really wanted him to have cute little feet and a tail, but as you can see, i started out waaaay too small...there was a lot of cursing just to get to this point, so i decided to forgo the feet for another day.

what other bits do i have? hmmmm... lets see. in all that musing about how to make collettes quilt i made mention that i have fabric purchased FOUR YEARS AGO for eliot that i would like to do the same thing with. i pulled it out it last weekend, and by the looks of things i need to get busy. because at the rate im going, he might not appreciate rockets by the time he is say, fourteen.

i bought this fabric from reprodepot i think the very first time i found the webpage. i was so excited... i had visions of a cool retro space room, i even bought these light switch plates that had spacemen on them. i did manage to get them on the wall, but all my grandiose decorating ideas ground to a halt after that. its darn time to do something about it i say! also, because i just cant resist, i had to throw in some pictures of the huffsters... eliot and collette were jumping around in the crib together, screaming like a bunch of banshees. it was pretty funny... and really hard to be a parent and make them stop. instead i ran and got the digital camera. while i did manage to snap a shot of collette in all her glee, of course eliot clammed up immediately as you can see. i swear he was doing high jumps only seconds before this picture was taken...


Anonymous myra said...

Wow! So much craftiness and cuteness in one post! That is a really cool card and the turtle is so sweet. I had a Curious George theme planned for my son's room. I was going to paint a CG border on the wall and make CG bedding and curtains. Its been a couple of years now and I've only managed to do the curtains...

4:26 PM  
Blogger thesoulofhope said...

very crafty post indeed! I love the collage birthday card!!

7:33 AM  
Anonymous kelly said...

The card is great, and I *love* your turtle!

7:59 AM  
Blogger chief gordon said...

eliot's pic is a fine example of the huffman males' inability to smile for pictures.

way to go, kid. it's all fun and games until the camera comes out.

9:03 AM  
Blogger laura r. said...

that birthday card is f*a*b*u*l*o*u*s

1:44 PM  
Anonymous kristen said...

hannah, love the card, the fabric and the VERY FUN picture of collette! i can't believe how much she reminds me of eliot. oh, and i think your first attempt at a softie is terrific. at least you can say you are doing something with all that inspiration you've been getting...unlike myself. i never seem to get past the gathering of ideas to the actual making of something.

2:08 PM  

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