zipper pouch

zipper pouch
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i made this zipper pouch tonight. it was kind of a beast. i didnt really know what i was doing. hillary directed me to another tutorial on craftster. it really helped, but i still didnt know what i was doing. what is a topstich? i have no idea, and i didnt do it. hopefully it isnt the secret to keeping this pouch together. this sunday we are having a post-holidays/inventory party at papersource. we are doing a secret gift exchange, and the rules were you had to make it, and you couldnt spend more than five dollars and an hour on it. this pouched squeaked in under the limit. i hope kirsten likes it! again i am mad at flickr because i already reached my free photo limit and i didnt get a chance to upload the interior shot , it has a really pretty chartreuse lining.


Blogger Leslie said...

Miss H. This looks fab....doesn't look like you were perplexed at all! And I have no idea what a top stitch is either. :)

3:57 PM  

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