a little sweaty piece of heaven

so last night david, the kids and i took toby out to my parents house for dinner. which meant that we took the jeep and i sat in back between the two car seats. this is a pretty rare occasion for me, and really not unpleasant as one might imagine. on the way out to greenwood, eliot and i did some singing and dancing to keep collette from crying, eliot out performing me by far. she finds him more entertaining i guess. im taking a long time to get around to my point, so here it comes. by far, the best part of the whole evening was the ride back home. it was late, about thirty minutes past bedtime for the little huffs, and collette was out within two minutes of forward vehicular motion. maybe it was the timing, maybe it was the sleepiness, but for some reason, eliot decided to hold my hand the whole thirty minute drive home. it was heavenly. and warm, and slightly sticky, but oh so sweet. his cute, plump, soft little hand held onto my fingers, and i just leaned my head back, smiled, and enjoyed the short moment of affection my son decided to give me. i dont usually buy into the mushy, blah, blah, i love my kids, they are the best crap. im a pretty realistic parent. dont get me wrong, i do love my kids, but sometimes... back to the point, as i said, that thirty minutes last night was perfect. thank you eliot. i love you.


Anonymous myra said...

I just love this post. I've come back to read it more than once. I feel the same way when my son out of the blue puts his hand in mine and says, "I love you Mommy."

6:44 PM  

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