pretty damn proud

david got some negative feedback from warner brothers yesterday, and he was pretty upset about the whole thing. if you dont believe me, check out his post. i just want to say that i am so proud of him. for everything. for getting his masters, writing his thesis, staying home with eliot, and having a freelance editing job all at the same time. doesnt sound possible? well he did it. for starting not one, but two businesses while staying at home with eliot and collette. who needs just one business to run, or one kid to look after? why not do two at the same time? impossible? nope. he's doing it. how about writing basically his first screenplay and having warner brothers (warner brothers!!!) read it not once, but twice! i would say that is one hell of an accomplishment. so all of you out in cyberspace (c-y-b-e-r chase!) now you know how proud i am of my husband.


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