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so i have become hooked on blogs. i love them. especially the creative, crafty ones. i like to check all of my daily reads in the morning, its almost like reading the paper. only much better. besides, i get all my vital local and national news from npr in the car on the way to work. blogs are almost like a choose your own adventure for adults. you find one you like, then look at the links that they like, find another you like, then look at those links, and so on. you get the idea. so anyway, i decided to share a few of my favorites right here. also just in case anyone might have missed the links list i painstakingly added manually to my html code on the side bar to your left. of course there is davids blog. i check that often, for insight and to make sure he doesnt say anything embarrassing about me. and now that toby is back in kenya, i will most definitely be checking his photo gallary with regularity. he likes to sneak in new pictures all the time. then there is the hinge, who really introduced me to blogs. there was a time during the elections when i thought we might not be friends anymore, but i have gotten past that.

moving on to people that i havent known personally for quite some time. there is of course hillary. i love, love love her blog. she is amazing! her beautiful bags, her sickingly cute stuffeds... i really cant hardly take it she is so good. i found hillary from a link from jennys blog. jenny is another crafty lady that can do everything, cook, knit, sew, garden. you name it. plus, you just have to love her cute characters. and mariko, god bless her sewing tutorials. i found them once a long time ago before i was a blog reader, but now i just think her blog is cool, and her sewing skills amaze me. another followed link was the trixie update, which i read regularly now as well. i already posted about ben and his super daughter. they really are super! i also fine myself drawn to designers blogs, maybe because i secretly wish i would have studied graphic design in college. one really cool one is ericas. i love her illustrated tutorials, pretty much her entire graphic style. very cool.

now you know what i do on the internet, besides window shop for things that i would love to have but really dont need. does anyone else love to fill up their carts and then close out the whole window? maybe just me...


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