almost there....

tonight was going to be devoted to taking pictures of all my current and completed projects and posting them on this blog. not so. sorry kerry. i know you are my most devoted reader! i promise that i will be doing just that tomorrow night. tonight david has dibs on the computer and camera for real work. craftiness comes second. oh well. it is becoming more and more apparent that we need a second computer at home. this will most likely be some version of the imac and most likely a desktop. which is good and bad. i do like the macs, i just dont feel as confident yet with them. although i found out that the art institute offers a class on getting to know your mac. i just might have to do that. and if i ever want to realize my dreams of graphic design and web page building, i will most certainly be better served with the mac. i suppose that makes it official. im a mac person. i feel kind of strange admitting it.


Blogger Leslie said...

Hi hannah!

Oh...Macs are so much FUN!!! Dive right in...before you know it, you'll be all for 'em! :)

Can't wait for your crafts to be posted!

5:38 PM  

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