a bit of poetry...

reflection portrait

by matthew porubsky
voyeur poems 2006

at long last

i'm waiting for
that feeling
between your heart
and your chest

like the first kiss
on the neck,
intertwined fingers,
a shared stare by
soft lips and
wet tongues,
evening air
through car windows,
1:16 a.m. phone calls,
a late swim
in dark water lit orange
by parking lot lights,
just slipping inside
and just sliding out,
sunburnt skin,
a girl in a black skirt
dancing the cha-cha,
kneeling and folding hands,
a great drum solo,
the electric body,
checking for a wedding ring
from a distance,
a pink and purple sky,
finally finding out
her name,
a two-year old saying
your name,

a scribbling in the dark...



Anonymous melissa f. said...

feelin' maudlin these days, darling? i like that picture a whole lot.

8:54 PM  
Anonymous david said...

that's the perfect word to describe it. nice work m.

9:43 PM  
Anonymous Jen said...

It's a gorgeous poem, Hannah. Kind of stabs you in the heart. I guess I'm not waiting for those things--that electricity seems so long ago, so eclipsed by the two-year-old. Maybe I should find a way to get that stuff back into my life, but wow, yeah, a little maudlin...

4:43 PM  
Anonymous inkstitch said...

*Sigh* Kinda gets a girl looking for something...

8:22 AM  

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