luckily, a good time was had by all

dinner went really well last night. conversation flowed easily, lots of laughs. i had to pull some funny archaeology stories from the vault. always a hit. i have to say though that i panicked the first 15 minutes we were there. we took the huffsters with us last night because one of the couples has twin four year old boys. we thought, oh yeah eliot will have a blast, we dont need to take any toys. just a few things for collette. we get there, walk into this gorgeous, well decorated home and then i remember, oh yeah, this lady is a glass blower. great. breakables EVERYWHERE all over the house. a few minutes later the other couple arrives....without the twins. shite. remember, no toys packed for eliot. and the hosts, while pregnant, still havent amassed much to keep a 4 year old and an 18 month old entertained. but miraculously the kids were soooo good all night. eliot i wasnt really worried about, but collette has developed a nice little habit of screaming like a banshee coupled with some nice body flailing about an hour after her bed time. perfectly understandable in terms of parents not keeping with schedule, but still embarrassing and hard to deal with. as i said, they were both were happy and quiet the whole evening. and they didnt break a single thing! whew! i think it had a lot to do with my mom making sure they had a good solid nap in the afternoon. she watches them on wednesday and you know how time with grandma doesnt usually follow much of a schedule. i love my mom, but god bless her, sometimes she just doesnt know what to do with the kids. i guess its grandma's prerogative. its hard to get mad at someone so cute.

cute mom

see what i mean? what do you do when your mom is so stinking cute you cant get mad? well thats not true, i get plenty mad at her sometimes. and yes, im not the nicest of daughters. i do a wicked impression of her accent while reenacting some drama that she told me about. but i do love her, and appreciate her, and i certainly dont tell her enough. this blog tribute isnt going to do any good because she doesnt know how to get online much less use the vcr. so i guess i will just call her right now and tell her. thanks mom.


Anonymous julie said...

your mom is adorable and she gives the best hugs for such a little person.

4:27 PM  

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