what is your major malfunction?

apparently mine for the last month or so has been my camera. and to be honest and open, it has all been MY fault. the machinery of the camera has worked perfectly (knock on wood), every problem due to operator error. nice. first of all, my memory card decided that it needed to be reformatted before it would work again. i fretted, searched the manual, which so helpfully said "format the card". yeah thanks, i gathered as much, uh HOW??? searched fuji message boards for a week or so on google. all the while i so blantantly ignored the "FORMAT" option on my set-up menu. so dumb. so yeah, it took me about two weeks to realize that format really meant format and all i had to do was push the button and in a few seconds, all fixed! thank goodness, right before christmas too. loads of pictures taken just in time.

then comes the week after christmas. me: "hey david, have you seen the usb cable for the camera?". david: "no, i didnt mess with it. you did". me: "yeah, i know, but have you seen it?". david: "no, when is the last time you had it?". me: "at your parents house while we were opening presents...oh crap...". yep thats right. after searching the house and car high and low, calling both of our parents houses and making them do the same thing, i can only conclude that it got swept up with the wrapping and packaging trash and thrown out. AWESOME! so here i am with a card that works again, but way to get them out of my camera. in my normal way, i fret about it for a week or so before giving up believing that it is just going to miraculously appear in my camera bag again (which i have checked a millions times plus, just for this reason) and i just get off my butt and order one for 6.99 on the internet. should be here in three to five business days! in the meantime, i couldnt take it anymore and had to borrow a cable from a friend who has the same camera because i just couldnt take the lack of pictures any longer. so after that massively long rant about how dumb i can be, here are some pictures dammit!

these are my late entries for the spt theme for december, reflections. eliot and me in the kitchen using my brand new tea kettle (it whistles!!!) after christmas. oh and batman, very important that batman was in the picture.

i like to call this picture the "christmas miracle". we just got back from christmas eve service, and eliot was ready to transform into a present-opening machine. like an idiot, i stop the mayhem and say, i want a family photo. yeah right, so we set up the camera on the side table, put it on self timer, and took ONE picture. this is it. a miracle, right?? i think so. the rest of the pictures i took of the kids looked like this.
sick of pictures yet? sorry, i have to get them off my camera... these are the last, i promise. i had a doctors appointment today, 32 weeks and four days!!! check the big belly...

doesnt look so big huh? check it from the side!

YIPES!!! where has the time gone?? maybe this is why my brain hasnt been working the last month. yep. thats got to be it. sorry about the police line-upness of these pictures, they were taken at work today. corporate walls are just so lovely dont you think? ok, so thats it for now. you get a break until i get my cord, or until i scan something for next spt. oh, and at some point, i swear i will do something craft, you know, actually make something with my own two hands. when that does happen, more pictures. promise.


Anonymous amanda said...

that belly!! I love it, I love it, I love it!! And your babes and the family pic. It's all so great. SO glad to see some pics from you again. Get that cord, already, wouldya?

3:18 PM  
Anonymous ke said...

i love collette's christmas eve dress! its so great! the side view looks a lot more like you are 9 months preggers than the front! seriously can't wait to meet the new one! what was her name again?

6:43 AM  
Blogger donna said...

what a great family photo! nice job getting it in one take.

9:37 AM  
Anonymous julie said...

what a cute family and belly. so good to see all of you over the holidays.

2:53 PM  
Anonymous myra said...

Your spt picture of you and Eliot is so amazing! And what a beautiful Christmas family photo. But the expression on Collette's face in the last pic is my favorite.

6:33 PM  
Blogger beth said...

i too love collettey's face. :) and eliot's batman. very important. can't believe you didn't let him show it in the first picture. geez.

huffmans clean up nice on christmas eve. love the miracle pic.

and hannah vs. the camera almost as funny as hannah vs. maternity clothing.

10:54 PM  
Blogger Leslie said...

Oh look at your belly -- oh your bun is growing, and soon she'll be here! A mere 8 weeks, oh my!!! You look fabulous, Hannah!!

And I love your spt snaps, and I especially like the color of your walls! Very nice!!!

10:30 AM  
Anonymous Lisa said...

love the belly. love the family photos. love the reflection.

12:24 PM  
Anonymous toby said...

Another Huffmania post, another chance for me to feel like a COMPLETE sucker. I love that belly. You got some serious illusion of proportion variation going on.

But how about this new-beard Dave? I realize it's probably old news that side, but for me, it's just SO rugged!

11:26 AM  
Blogger Sarah said...

cute belly~ Love when the belly button just pops out like that LOL cute family portrait, I found out myself this year how hard it is to get two kdis to smile or at least look at the camera at the same time!

9:16 AM  

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