self portrait tuesday - personal history

what's in a name? for me this is a pretty easy question. i was named after both of my great grandmothers, hannah campbell and ester gomez. it took me a long time to appreciate my names. at some level i always thought it was cool that i had these family names, but in practice as the only girl named hannah all through grade school, it was a little tough. for a long time i yearned to be a jennifer or holly or something, and it was only just recently that i wasnt embarrassed to tell people my "old lady" middle name. but now i am older and wiser (maybe?) and am fully satisfied with being hannah ester. its me. i cant imagine it any other way. and lucky me, i have two wonderful pictures to remind me.

my father's grandmother, hannah campbell

my mother's grandmother, ester gomez

while i was visiting my grandmother this weekend, i took more pictures of some of the history on the collette side and uploaded them, along with these, to flickr. more self portrait bloggers can be found here.


Anonymous toby said...

Plus, "Hannah" is a palindrome. Not many people can say that about their first name.

10:44 AM  

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