first snow

maybe i should say first real snow. we had some of that dry stuff slithering all over the road last week, but this is the good stuff. soft, powdery and oh so pretty...


Anonymous amanda said...

oh wow--very fun pictures. that is some serious real snow! we've only had sprinklings yet, but I hear tonight we might get 6 or more inches. Hooray!

2:42 PM  
Anonymous myra said...

Beautiful! And I didn't even realize there were different types of snow.

3:21 PM  
Blogger Giao said...

Luscious, yummy snow with 2 od the cutest little kiddies around! Awwww!

3:25 PM  
Blogger Claudia said...

Wow, you did get lots of pretty snow! We got snow, but not as much as you. We got lots of bitter cold too!!! Brrrrrrr
Is that an attempt at digging tunnels I see or just a dive? So cute!

11:13 PM  
Anonymous julie said...

I can't believe we are missing all that snow, D.C. is covered in slush. the Huffsters, of course, are adorable!

8:05 AM  
Blogger dopeattic said...

geewhiz! i am totally jealous :(, so wish for snow every year, but it's pretty much a no go for us in TN. although weatherman is predicting snow on the 23rd!!! have fun you guys

9:09 AM  
Anonymous ke said...

collette is looking a little unsure. but her snowy gloves show that she is getting the hang of it. i can't believe how much snow you got there! we only got a few inches.

11:00 AM  
Anonymous tania said...

ooh fun, i love snow!

2:27 PM  
Anonymous Rorie said...

Beautiful photographs! Love your blog!

9:05 AM  

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