portrait of the artist as a child

it is very ironic that the march theme for a month of softies is "self-portrait of the artist as a child". btw, a month of softies is a fun crafty project that claire from loobylu started (look at those ADORABLE pears!). i have been watching it since november and have wanted to contribute for some time now, but havent had the knowhow, time, or inspiration to do so. i dont know if i will make it for march either, but the topic is so relevant to me right now. why? because for christmas i received a spectacular gift from my grandmother. she has been in the habit lately of giving us treasures that she has acquired over the years. my aunt does advertising design now, but when we were younger she used to do a lot of photography and painting. having such an cutie niece as myself, i was the subject of many of her works. for ages my grandmother has had this awesome watercolor portrait of me by my aunt and she gave it to me!! i need to take it to a frame shop and have the glass cleaned up and new backing and wire put on it, but look how awesome it is!

this started out as a photograph of me eating an apple. i think my mom has the photo somewhere, i will have to dig around for it and post it for comparison. i can remember being so in awe as a child, looking at this picture hanging on the wall at my grandmas house. i felt famous, i would stare at it and say to myself, that is me!


Blogger Giao said...

so cute! I love the story about feeling famous. =)

8:02 PM  
Anonymous myra said...

What a beautiful portrait! Talent obviously runs in the family.

2:26 PM  

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