it is time for a revelation...

so i have recently admitted to myself that indeed i am female. of course that line begs explanation, and here i am to provide it. pretty much all of my life i have been a tomboy, one of the guys, out doorsy, whatever you want to call it. i grew up exploring the creek, looking for frogs and bugs, shooting bb guns, riding bikes, building forts, and a most excellent tree swing. all the typical small town things. my parents live on nine acres of prime land, we had railroad tracks, bridges, tunnels and even abandoned spooky buildings to tromp around in. it was great, i loved every minute of it. ok, well maybe not all the weed pulling and garden work, but i can appreciate it now. my love of the outdoors and digging in the dirt carried through to college where i decided to study archaeology. i some how managed to land a job in my field right out of college and straight away started doing field work. it was great! i had a pretty good bunch of guys to work with, you know me, just one of the guys, they were fun and we all got along fabulously. i could sling fart jokes with the best of them. but then something happened, david and i had eliot. what? i am a mom? well, its a good thing i had a boy! eliot and i could dig in the dirt together by golly! but wait, something else happened. a few years later, i had a girl... hold the phone. girls are an entirely different story. it is nearly impossible to buy something NOT pink for a baby girl. but come to think of it, pink really isnt that bad. what??? thats right, you read correctly. i just said pink isnt that bad. and so, the truth is seeping out. its getting worse... i like to...MAKE things. i even got a sewing machine for christmas, and whats worse? i LOVE fabric. what is happening to me??? get this, i find myself drooling over shoes and pretty skirts. this is a whole new experience for me. i dont really know what to do, how to act. oh, old tomboy hannah is still in there. i will always be a fan of bathroom humor. you just cant beat a good fart joke. and yes, i still do fieldwork. so here is the deal. i get to be the girliest, crafting-est girl i can be right here, on my blog and in the secrecy of my basement, but lets just keep it between us. if the guys i work with caught wind of this... i would be done for. i think i am safe for now, they are too manly to use the internet, and they wouldnt be caught DEAD reading a craft blog, thats for damn sure. i think i have come to peace with the new girly me, and i think she can co-exist with the old me. here is a photo that embodies little ol' tomboy hannah, just one of the guys... god bless her.

and if you cant tell, thats me bottom left....


Blogger Giao said...

Oh my goodness, you are a cutie patootie! My sister was the biggest tomboy growing up, but sometime after college she began to embrace her girly side and that makes her the best shopping buddy ever (because I've always been a girly girl). Having called myself a girly girl, however, I will confess that my most famous joke is a fart one. A ridiculously magnificent one.

Cheers to you and your badass tomboy girly girl self, Hannah!

p.s., I hope Eliot feels better soon, poor little guy!!

12:41 PM  
Blogger Leslie said...

This post cracked me up!
I used to DESPISE pink. I hated it so much. When I had my daughter I REFUSED to let her wear pink -- and then slowly and surely, pink crept into my life. And now I love it.

That's what little girls do to you, I guess!

1:59 PM  
Blogger hannah said...

behold, the power of sugar and spice...

2:38 PM  
Anonymous claire said...

i too love a good fart joke.
followed up with some indepth conversation about what flats are around this summer, and how good they would look with this cute dress.
and then pie.
or beer.
or both.

2:57 PM  

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