take a bite out of crime

well, mcgruff was right, crime doesnt pay. you know what else doesnt pay? procrastination... yikes. i should totally be working on my papersource projects for paper wedding this week. i did about three hours of work last night and i have another twelve to finish for saturday. what is paper wedding you might ask? here is my little plug, we are transforming the entire store into a wedding. there will be demos, favors, ideas, food, music, and of course all kinds of cool ways to use paper. it is going to be pretty spectacular. i will take a bunch of pictures and post them on shutterfly. btw, picture hosting is at the top of my list once i finish my sponsibilities, that and cat.

speaking of pictures, a major contributor to my procrastination was the time spent uploading pictures to shutterfly. i have emerged from my fog as a direct result of the chubbiness that is collettes cheeks. i have the lucky pleasure of munching on them all evening, but for you my friends, pictures will have to suffice (except for kerry, she gets in as much cheek time as possible). here is the link, enjoy! im off to projects and cooking...


Anonymous Myra said...

A paper wedding sounds wonderful. I can't wait to see pictures!

12:19 PM  

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