mission somewhat complete

i surprised myself and managed to actually get some projects done this weekend. my friend tara at the papersource just had a birthday friday. she had asked me long ago to make a little makeup bag for her. i think she was impressed by my crazy sewing skills. i also think that she doesnt know very many people that sew because i am not that good! regardless i buckled down thursday night and got to sewing. i really like how it turned out. whatcha think?

to make it a little more makeup baggy and less like a zippered pouch, i gave it a little square bottom. i also dabbled in some collage for her birthday card. (thank you for the inspiration hope and cat!). i forgot to download that picture, so i will post it another day. i had fun, mainly because i scored a most excellent book from my parents house a few weeks ago. i was rummaging through some old things and found a childrens counting book from the 50's or 60's with all of these awesome illustrations! and its like 60 pages long, so plenty of paper to go around. since it is all about counting, there scenes, some outside counting little woodland creatures, some in the grocery store, some at school. its so wonderful! i also by the way found my impressive collection of garbage pail kids cards. they are so gross! i cant believe i used to collect them. i remember being a little fanatic about it. i still must be because my brother wanted one of my duplicates, but i refused to part with it. just like when i was ten. im such a mean big sister!

we had some more great weather this weekend, and david took some more great pictures of collette, and i cant resist posting one...or two...


Anonymous myra said...

Great bag! I have a total aversion to sewing anything with zippers since I always have so much trouble with them. But after seeing yours and some of the other people's maybe its time to revisit zippers.

Still loving those cheeks!

5:20 PM  
Anonymous kristen said...

hannah --
i LOVE the fabric both inside and out on this bag. ever since i saw the bag you made for kerry's b'day, i've been thinking about making one. i may need your help though, i haven't sewn in...well, let's just say several years. i wish i lived closer to you and had more opportunities for your creative craftiness to rub off on me. oh well, i suppose your blog will have to do for right now.

9:12 PM  
Blogger hannah said...

soon kristen, so soon... the crafty circle will be complete!

11:40 AM  
Anonymous jmac said...

dude, i don't even wear makeup, and i want a bag!

7:43 PM  

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