first crafting for 2006

i finally managed to drag my creaky bones and big belly down to the basement to make something last night. wait, dont congratulate me just yet. it was totally motivated by a selfish need to look good. we are having dinner tonight with two new "cool" couples. very intimidating, you know, meeting new couples. its almost like the same anxiety you get from dating. almost. so anyway, two cool artsy couples, and the hostess is pregnant and due a week before me. since they refused any attempts on our part to bring food (should we bring something anyway??? its been so long since i have done this sort of thing!) i decided instead that i would show up with some little baby gift in hand. back to last night, me rummaging in the basement. what can i make up quick like and that is NON GENDER SPECIFIC! makes the task that much harder. i finally settled on something safe and something a little risky, i.e. a burp cloth and bib. never made a bib before or used snaps for that matter, but it seemed like a good idea at about ten last night. hmmm...maybe i should impose a crafting curfew on myself, im not so sure about my decision making abilities as it gets later. luckily, i had the exact perfect amount of scraps left for the burp cloth, and managed to get snaps in the bib. my first time with that cheap-o singer red plastic snap thing, and maybe my last. seems like there should be a better way. oh, i also banged the hell out of my thumb. didnt have a hammer downstairs, and didnt want to go get one, so i ended up squatting on the concrete floor (the firm surface) and wielding the handle of a ping pong paddle like some sort of medieval cudgel. of course my first strike had the most force and of course it was the one that landed squarely on my thumb... all that drama to say that things actually worked out pretty well in the end. here is the bundle in all its glory.

there are a few more pics posted on flickr before i wrapped this up. not to exciting, but it was nice to make something again. get the juices flowing so to speak. here is where i make the crazy leap to, huh, why dont i learn to crochet so i can make this bunny i found somewhere on the internet??

oh yeah, no problem right??? whatever. my brain is officially addled by pregnancy and i can not be held responsible for any content on this blog until sometime this spring. speaking of brain problems, remember my camera issues? i found this cool device online last week. i like to call it my back up.

i did order a new usb cable (really cheap and fast from dcables.com, i totally recommend them) two weeks ago. but this baby is a goldmine! it essentially converts my xD memory card into a jump drive. so i dont need the camera or the cord, nor do i have to drain my batteries while trying to upload pictures. its all done from this little stick! brilliant huh? now all i have to do is not lose something this small...


Blogger chief gordon said...

it sounded like she was building furniture down there. then she rises from the deep with a burp cloth and bib...and a pulsating thumb.

10:55 AM  
Blogger kristen said...

as you know this is the first time i've posted to your blog in months, i think. no, i'm not a lurker like sarah, i just have taken a LONG hiatus from reading blogs (and posting too). anyway, wanted to say that the gift is adorable. i've always wondered when you find time to do your crafting...now i know it's in the late hours of the night. maybe i should try that. i'm curious who these cool couples are (since i don't think we're scheduled to have dinner with you?). i vaguely remember john mentioning something about chris weaver and dave getting together, so is it the weavers? and the almost due pregnant woman makes me think of damon and his wife (can't remember her name) that could very possibly be into film and all that too? so is it them?

11:41 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hannah you always give perfect gifts! let us kow how the dinner turned out.

6:01 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a cute baby gift!

6:10 PM  
Blogger Samantha said...

What a beautiful gift - and beautifully presented too. Hope it was well received.

I love the tag - how did you manage to do that?

12:22 AM  

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