the lost year

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I can't tell you how many times I asked Melissa, "are you sure that wasn't last year???" but it was a lot.  Each and every time, she calmly closed her eyes, shook her head and said "nope".  This is her secret weapon, the calm and the eye closing.  I need to work on this skill.  You might wonder how someone could go about losing a year, and I will tell you it's not only possible, it's inevitable when you spend that year working 70-90 hours a week.  I do not recommend this to you, please do not attempt it.  Especially if you don't have a partner that is a saint, and even then they will be frustrated with you quite a bit.  But I will tell you if you have a chunk of debt to pay off, a year like that will work wonders.  I digress.  Because what I really want to tell you about is Melissa.  I know you know her, because she makes beautiful things and has a beautiful family.  Sam and Paul included, they just don't like the camera so much because that's what boys do when they get older.  But that Melissa, she is something else.  Remember that secret weapon?  It really is amazing to me how she manages to take people for who they are, all they have going on, take it all in, process it in her own calm way, and then do or say just the right thing.  Whether that thing is reassurance, advice, action, or the hardest one for me, just letting things be.  Not to say she's a saint, she is Canadian after all (ha!), and she curses like a sailor (after the kids are in bed), and she used to wear overalls and combat boots.  So yeah, I love her.  A lot.  A lot a lot.  Thank you for letting me come visit, I will not lose another year, I swear. 


Anonymous melissa f. said...

are you a little drunk? that is a lot of emotion out of you, girl.

(i don't know how to handle these kinds of posts)


5:32 PM  
Blogger shari said...

love all of these photos.
and would love to meet melissa one day.
no more year losing, huffman.

3:54 AM  
Blogger claire said...

she is a keeper

8:59 AM  
Blogger chief gordon said...

Melissa, no matter how drunk Hannah might be, she's always a "little drunk."

Excellent photos here.

9:03 AM  
Blogger hannah said...

I think that's code for goofy, right?

9:08 AM  
Blogger jessica said...

Lost years? I certainly know about those. Love these photos though. Lucky to have good people in your life :-).

3:25 PM  

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