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saturday we spent the day in LA with our friends chris & kathy and their daughter naomi. they bought a home near fairfax and invited us over for the day. their new house is lovely, and it was fun for us to imagine what it would be like for our family to live in the city. we walked to the farmers market for lunch. molly in case you were wondering, the cochinita pibil from loteria grill IS as good as you remember it. i forgot they had a store at the farmers market, and gladly stood in line for delicious tacos. after lunch we headed to the la brea tar pits. i forgot just how nerdy of an archaeologist i can be. i could have stayed there all day, but the kids were more interested in rolling around outside. i'll have to go back and geek out on my own.


Blogger wendy said...

those hills are built for rolling down though. they can't be resisted. {you can also get free admission to the LACMA with nexgen - kids get in free {until 18} & can bring one adult - so next time there is even more to do}

10:09 PM  

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