like so many things we anticipate, good or bad, when they arrive its like, oh, ok, i've got this. here i sit, one year to the day, from when we moved into this house. one year. one whole year in california. a part of my brain can't really understand this, but apparently the majority of my brain is like, uh yeah, don't worry, i told you, i've got this. we've got a favorite vietnamese place, we know how to get around on surface streets if the freeway is jammed, we found a church we like, we have a secret beach spot, we eat fish tacos, we have a neighborhood we talk about owning a house in someday, we planted flowers, we have friends. friends. so clearly things are going, and going well at that. life is life. just the way we huffmans like to do. and as always our door is open. come on by. i'm pretty darn sure i can guarantee you a nice patio sit, a big glass of smoothie, and a kiddo dance party.


Anonymous BF said...

i know how tough 1 year can be (or at least it was for me) and so this makes me really happy to read. also, happy to see you post here. and finally, i'm coming for that patio sit in 2012. promise.

12:44 PM  
Blogger Tracy said...

love that you are here. and can't wait to get together again. xo (p.s. have an awesome fathers' day manana!)

1:04 PM  
Blogger shari said...

so happy for you, h. and it's june! june! been missing you and am glad to see you posting here. xox

6:04 AM  

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