i have a really thoughtful post brewing about online identity, but i got distracted by shoes. go figure, right? here is the cool part. my beloved habitat is having their annual sale! starting today! if you are here in kc, get thyself to the store tonight for a shopping party. i have it on good authority that there will be sangria tonight. if you are not here in kc, well i have news for you too. the sale is going on online too. today you can get 25% off regular priced items with the code spring25 and friday through sunday you can get 20% off regular priced items with the code spring20
see how great that is!? i went by the store yesterday to say hello to kristen and walked out with these grey camper oxfords. i can assure you it made my day. so treat yourself this weekend. yes?


Blogger cari said...

I've been thinking about that identity thing this week. I'll take the shoe post (holy cow, those are great) and wait anxiously for what you have to say.

8:14 AM  
Blogger Googlover said...

love the color!

4:41 AM  

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