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i haven't been blogging much. here's the thing. i very much consider this my space, and feel very little pressure to keep to any sort of schedule. good for me, bad for you. i apologize, but i doubt i will change my ways. what i have been doing is working much much harder on 1000 words than i ever thought i would. it feels so good to collaborate with david in this way. even though our actual interaction over the process is pretty limited. i send him the photo, he let's me know he got it. then i casually ask him over the next couple weeks if he's been thinking. or writing. to which he casually says yes. for my part, it has been much harder than i thought it would be to take these photos. i have been looking at things differently, knowing that in the end, it will spark some story. more than likely, not the story i ever thought it would, but still a story is coming. i have also been searching out very specific images, people, very different from what i usually shoot. this has been much harder for me as well. i was lucky enough to meet two very sweet people who let me take photos of them. don't ask because you won't be seeing anything from that until after may 10th. that's right, i'm already done with may and thinking about JUNE. crazy isn't it? it has to be. it takes me too long to figure out what i want to give david, and he needs time to create as well. it's not like we just whip these things out, it takes a lot of work. and what of value doesn't take work? my life motto actually (kristen i KNOW you are rolling your eyes at me). you gotta do the work.

anyway, so yeah. that's pretty much it around here. life. always life, moving on by. i am impatiently waiting for the nice weather to stay put. for the dogwoods to bloom and for the lilacs to be safe. what have you been doing?

ps. we'll be posting over at 1K on friday. see you there!


Anonymous Stephanie said...

I can't wait!

[yay, gingham.]

6:51 PM  
Anonymous blair said...

I love that this is your space and you do with it what you will, that's why we're here! And I also love that you and David are collaborating on 1K mainly be computer, Peter and I have had very very intense, life-sorting-out types of discussions on computer while both at home, it fascinates me how well this works sometime.

4:55 PM  
Blogger kristen said...

girl, i'm not rolling my eyes. i'm right there with you. sheesh, life's been pounding that motto into me severely in the past couple of weeks. i'm just glad you shared the motto with me before that...it's made the beating a little easier to take.

9:43 PM  

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