nueve meses

mom can i eat paper?
they really have gone by in a blink these past nine months. so hard to believe arlo has been with us for as long as she was in my belly. and now thanks to blair in another blink i will look around and have an eight year old, ten year old and 12 year old!! oh my. but i really must thank arlo for adding a sweetness to our life. i like to moan about time and clutter and all kinds of things that i blame on having three little ones underfoot, but it is really all for show. i cant imagine not seeing that sweet little face smiling at me in the morning, or seeing eliot and collette crowded around her arguing over who gets the next hug. so my love, thank you. and thank you for three poopy blowouts in one day. you do have flair sweet thing.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

oh yes happy day sweet thing! (i keep telling david 3 is the new 2... perhaps a pic of arlo would help my cause?)

10:09 AM  
Anonymous sally said...

Oh, sweet Arlo. We are happy you are part of the Huffster family. Thanks for making us smile.

10:44 AM  
Anonymous lisa said...

she is pretty damn cute, that's for sure.

11:10 AM  
Anonymous katiek said...

oh yes, nine months is a wonderful and reflective age. no longer super needy. mobility takes over and smiles, giggling and exploring food becomes a joyful part of every day. yeah the poops get bigger and grosser. thanks for the reminders and I do think about the age and how the playful innosence(sp?) seems to change by the day/month/year. Sweet Arlo! I do love her name. makes me want to sing "take you ridin' in my car-car" over and over!!

12:29 PM  
Anonymous melissa f. said...

3 is TOTALLY the new 2. thank god for threes. and arlo. and you.

2:20 PM  
Blogger elizabooth said...

Okay. Crying. We've been going through old pictures of our now 21-month-old this week, so i've been feeling very sappy about family these days. Thanks though for the beautiful picture of your Arlo -- it's very sweet that you appreciate how lucky you are.

2:45 PM  
Anonymous blair said...

Nine month olds are the kind I want to eat up. I moan about all the same things, don't think I'll ever actually find a balance. But I was just telling Peter that if something has to give, it just has to give, they are most important to me in life. All of life's other things can wait.

Except for blog friends...

4:17 PM  
Blogger jenny said...

You're making me want to start having kids!

12:08 AM  
Anonymous leslie said...

so true......mine are now 7,9 and 11 AHHHH! i feel like i just had them.........enjoy every precious moment!

4:59 AM  
Blogger molly said...

those cheeks? that nose? those dark eyes? that splash of bangs?
too cute!

11:45 AM  
Blogger Toni said...

Oh I know, what would we do without all these little people of ours?

I'm really enjoying looking through your blog. You are so funny! The recipe box is a great idea too. Got to bookmark that one :)

12:19 PM  
Blogger bugheart said...

such a
great photo!
i love
love love
the name
so much
in a blink
of an eye...
it drives
me to

12:19 PM  
Anonymous jenny vorwaller said...

she is SOOOOO cute!!!!!!

12:33 PM  

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