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kind melissa
i know i cant stop talking about her but i just love that melissa. she really has become such a good friend. we talk on the phone about once a week, and lord knows i can keep her on there for a long long time. it is so nice to have bridged that gap, but i have to say that i knew quite some time ago that we could be wonderful friends. its not just anyone that can make you feel comfortable enough to fly across the country, meet face to face and then leave your six month old in their care. she is that special people. ok, i will stop it because i am on the verge of embarrassing myself and i know she is blushing already. dont deny it dear.

and then if it wasnt a good mail day already, no. 47 showed up! and wouldnt you know, someone else was just as thrilled.
she wants it
certainly a great day. if you feel like making your day even sweeter, there is all kinds of cookie talk over at the recipe box. sorry if it is already old, but i cant stop thinking about good food. bare with me people.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

and i will concur. she really is that good!!

{as are you!}

3:00 PM  
Anonymous melissa f. said...

oh please stop. that's enough... avert your eyes and go back to what you were doing. (i'm sure paul will form a rebuttal when he gets home)

3:04 PM  
Anonymous david said...

something tells me if i only talked to hannah once a week she'd like me a lot more too.

11:32 AM  
Blogger bugheart said...

blog friends
so wonderful...
like mav's card.

12:22 PM  

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