good friends
i love this picture of collette and kerry. they are such good friends. huffmania is thrilled that the eddys will be moving back to kc in july. cant wait. kerry is a dear friend to me too, and i wanted to make her a little something. since her birthday was in february, the time period for claiming something as a belated gift is pretty much over, so it was more a just because kind of thing.
for kerry
one of the first things i remember about kerry is walking into her house and seeing pictures everywhere and a shelf with some lovely little chairs sitting on it. she loves chairs, so they always make me think of her. freezer paper stenciled of course on some vintage fabric that was begging to be used. and oh my goodness, speaking of fabric. sarah brought some fabric back from uganda for me, and i LOVE it. i cant stop looking at it. i dont know if i will ever be able to cut it or find the perfect project for it, but for now thats ok because i just keep staring at it.
congo fabric
yes i took ten million pictures of it, and yes i fought the urge to upload every single one to flickr. only two, or three, or four i think. i also uploaded some more party pictures courtesy of donna since i forgot to take ANY! what??? yeah. nice one. kerry took some too, and just recently joined flickr, so thank you very much ladies!

ps. david and i are taking a mini vacation to minneapolis this weekend, any crafty places, good restaurant or coffee shop recommendations are more than welcome! japanese book store anyone?


Blogger amanda said...

oh, that fabric is gorgeous! I can't stop looking at it too!

(and I owe you a reading list! I'm terrible! Soon, I promise!!)

1:20 PM  
Blogger Tracy said...

the chair.bag is adorable! and that fabric had to be commented on - so lovely!

1:40 PM  
Blogger eireann said...

No Japanese-book source here, but good fabric stores: SR Harris (srharrisfabrics.com, I think) is amazing. Treadle Yard Goods (on Grand at Hamline in St. Paul) is expensive but has beautiful fabrics (natural-fiber only!). Also good for looking at pretty clothes: Design Collective (on 26th at Hennepin, Mpls) and Local Motion (on Hennepin at 28th, Mpls) have beautiful clothing by independent/small label makers. There is also a Paper-Source in that area (it's called Uptown and follows Hennepin from around 24th to 31st, in South/southwest Mpls); it's on 31st and Hennepin.

The Minnesota Ctr. for Book Arts (mnbookarts.org) is great. Also the West Bank of the university campus, which is nearby, has some good shops, namely Depth of Field and Global Village (on Cedar Ave., near Riverside Ave.).

Drop me an email (ohbara at gmail dot com) if you'd like more information! I love giving people help around my city!!

8:12 PM  
Blogger kristen said...

I'm sure Kerry LOVED the bag -- it turned out great. Sarah has a great eye for choosing fabric...can't wait to see what you decide to do with it.

9:31 PM  
Anonymous ke said...

i love this picture of my friend & me! so cute. and i'm completely obsessed with my new bag. it is the perfect size for my planner & the things i need to tote to work. and it makes me happy at work! thanks so much hannah!

6:33 AM  
Anonymous julie said...

collette and kerry are adorable. i too think of kerry when I see a cool chair. you would love the bright colors and overwhelming fabric store in uganda.

7:32 AM  
Blogger Leslie said...

Hope your mini vacay is relaxing and fun.

And while you're travelling as a trio, perhaps some strangers will walk up to you, coo over Arlo, and then ask, "Is she your first?" These questions always make me smile!

7:27 PM  

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