dear arlo

dear arlo,
please forgive your mother for already being afflicted by the third child syndrome. it doesnt mean i love you any less, it just means i have less time to do things. which is why your annoucements are just now being designed, why i still havent ordered any pictures, and why i have given up the idea goccoing them myself. im sure that things like this will continue to happen for the rest of your life, but i hope that your laid back personality will make it ok. i love you very much my sweet, sweet girl.

your mom


Blogger Leslie said...

Dear Arlo,
Don't worry my friend. I know how you feel. My mama keeps putting things aside for this mysterious baby album she keeps talking about. I have yet to see it. I'm giving her some time, though.

And don't you feel lucky to be the youngest? I love being doted on by my big sis and bro. I'm sure you do too.

~ Kate

12:54 PM  
Anonymous toby said...


There is no baby album of me, because there are hardly any pictures. First child isn't everything.


1:12 PM  
Blogger Su said...

I love the announcement. How did you do it?

1:45 PM  
Blogger beth said...

tis beautiful, han. i'm a third child and i've survived the lack. :) "builds character" as my dad likes to say. *grin* arlo will be chalk-full of it (character that is) and love you. no worries.

plus, come on, you gave her a freaking cool name. so if she ever complains - have her come chat with me. :)

3:28 PM  
Anonymous Shannon said...

love the announcement....something i didn't realize til i saw it is that Arlo and Alaina missed being exactly one month apart by one day (March 16th) and there names....Arlo Jane and Alaina Jean...thought that was funny.

7:29 PM  
Blogger kristen said...

Hannah, some of us took five months to get announcements out for our FIRST child! Very cool announcement...if you didn't gocco it, how did you do it?

12:53 AM  
Blogger stephanie said...

this is gorgeous! i'm the youngest of three and lived to talk about it. i don't have a baby book, but i do have a sis and bro that i adore and who showed me the ways of the world. i wouldn't have it any other way...

12:17 PM  
Anonymous Lynn said...

The announcement is VERY crafty. Can you please share with us how you did it?

6:06 AM  

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