sax weeeeks, i think imgunna be sick

yep thats right. six weeks yesterday. crazy huh? i have been in ultra cuddle mode with arlo for the past week and a half because on monday i go back to work. oh and because i love my baby. i cant get enough of the eating of the cheeks and the burying of the nose in her sweaty little neck. i think she has slept on my chest the past four or five nights. i love me some baby cheeks and arlos are progressing along nicely.
cheeks anyone?
mama's milk is good for that. and putting rolls on legs and arms. yum, yummy! i have also dragged out the ole' suckin' machine. nice huh? it wouldnt be so bad if i was stock piling for dates with david or fun nights out with friends, but it kinda sucks to waste all of this sweet freedom on work. pun intended...
operation freedom
oh well.

on the crafting front, things are pretty slow right now. i am still stumped by the car seat cover that i started making. i like to try to just make things up instead of actually learning how to construct clothes or things in 3D, which i find results in a piles of half finished projects that make me mad. so the cover is still sitting in a heap in the living room floor and my sewing machine has been collecting dust these past weeks. that doesnt keep me from having visions of matching easter dresses for arlo and collette, a new diaper bag, book bag, maybe a stylish tote for me. i can create like mad in my head, its the getting around to actually trying that is killing me. to add insult to injury our digital camera just broke. i think because a little gnat flew up into the lens mechanism and now the lens wont extend. it will turn on to view pics on the memory card, but if i try to turn it to picture taking mode it just freaks out and turns off. awesome. so what is the point of making anything if i cant take pictures and rant about totally pointless details on my blog? just kidding. maybe i can get eliots $17 piece of junk digital camera to work. wouldnt that be funny?

i actually got out of bed today at a somewhat civilized hour. 8:11 to be exact. im not sure if this is going to help much considering that come monday i will have been sitting at my desk for about fifteen minutes by 8:11. ouch. that is going to be a toughie. the only plus i can really see about this whole thing is that i will have all day on the computer to look at blogs and send email again. that is pretty exciting. if only i could convince them to let me come to work in my fleecy pants and flipflops.

this is turning into a pretty random post. which i must admit is the way my brain has been functioning as of late. i plan to trek to target for the third time in two days because i can never seem to remember what items i need to purchase until i get back home without them. you might be thinking, take a list hannah. um. well. i do. see what i mean? its pretty bad. this three kids thing really saps your brain power. at least it has mine. david informed me this morning that collette has no diapers in the house what so ever. oops. luckily he found a few of eliots old diapers stuffed in the very back of the closet. so collette is wandering around with an oversized diaper at the moment. im guessing there will be some sort of blow out or leakage pretty soon. diapers for collette are on the top of todays target list for sure.

huffmania did manage to collect itself together and make it down to columbia to visit clark and kerry last weekend. for an overnight trip with three kids it was pretty fun! always great to visit with the eddys. actually got to see the famed magic show courtesy of their neighbor peter. a bit timid but fun nonetheless. i think three huffsters was a little taxing for kerry, but she did great for the first extended visit. we wont mention the cake that she made with eliot and collette, but to say that flour is indeed a key ingredient in baking. hee hee... love you kerry! ok, david just chastised me for writing a novel of a post. sheesh. more to come on regular basis next week. promise.


Anonymous ke said...

the flourless chocolate cake does make for a very jiggly dessert. i'm sad for you to start work. bleck. it was great to see you this weekend!

10:44 AM  
Blogger alicia said...

You gotta love a good nurser! She's so cute and chubby.

Look forward to more posts- but no pressure. You've got to feel swamped.
Just remember, a stranger across town is cheering you on! Good luck next week.

11:08 AM  
Anonymous julie said...

those cheeks!!! can not wait to love on this sweet girl! enjoy your last days of sleeping in and i'll be thinking of you on monday.

7:51 AM  
Blogger clark said...

does anyone know where i can get the cliff's notes for this post?

2:42 PM  
Blogger Leslie said...

I feel your pain. In every way!!! :(

As for catching up with blogs at work! Isn't that wonderful?! Well, my work has banned all xanga, blogger, and now FLICKR sites -- I get a big "Access Denied" screen in bright pink. Harumpf!

And I had forgotten about the two in diapers. We did that. It's kinda nuts, huh?

And mama of three brain?! I have it too. I've been know to call people and then forget mid-ring why I was calling. Very fun!

Okay, so I'll end my novel of a comment! :)

Good luck on Monday! I'll be thinking of you!

9:58 AM  
Blogger dopeattic said...

peace and comfort coming your way dear hannah. may great wisdom, joy and strength befall you.

8:19 PM  
Anonymous toby said...

Ha theeenk houmkoona pee-sak!

12:09 PM  

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