i have had so much fun looking through my pictures to find these colors. i borrowed a friends camera and actually took some last night at the ROCKIN' fashion show at HABITAT, our friends john and kristen's awesome store. the show last night was a benefit for david's after school program, Let's Make A Movie. how great is that!?? he should have some footage uploaded soon at his webpage films for youth, check it. speaking of habitat, they are on the cusp of getting their ecommerce up and running. if you hip guys and gals just cant wait, you can sneak a peek at their flickr site and purchase anything you see over the phone. believe me, based on last nights show, there is LOTS to buy! just tell them i sent you, maybe i can get some extra love out of the deal...
arlo rocked the house in her cool black tshirt last night too. there might be some photographic evidence of that making its way over here. eliot and collette spent the night with my parents, and i must say having one sleeping newborn to deal with is a nice treat. it was practically like david and i were dating again! we got to go have dinner, spend the night at a hip fashion show... very fun. i plan on hitting the crafting hard this weekend, and hopefully have some results to share with you all. time to stretch out the old sewing muscles and get to work!


Blogger dopeattic said...

as you know i struggle with shoe lust and have little success because i was "blessed" with small feet, but habitat's shoes/products are too cool! i'm so happy that you and david got a break, sounds so fun!

9:57 AM  
Anonymous lisa said...

she is so amazing looking in her black tshirt! and i love your orange montage.

10:18 AM  
Blogger Su said...

That's funny that having just one newborn is a treat for you, i'm nervous about even that! I can't wait to see what good stuff you come up with this weekend...have fun!

1:29 PM  

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