a pleasant saturday

spring beauty
we spent the better part of today enjoying the nice weather, cleaning up the yard and looking for treasures. eliot found some.
first treasure of spring
we also had a picnic lunch on the porch followed by our first official porch sit of 2006. missed you eddys today... arlo is definitely one of us as she just chilled on the porch swing for the better part of an hour. this has tripled my level of spring fever and which will almost certainly bring one more bout of cold weather to kc. until that happens i am determined to frighten as many passersby with my blindingly white feet (broke out the flip flops today). few more pics on flickr, dont worry, none of my feet...


Blogger donna said...

Ahhh...flip flops. My long lost love! :)

1:54 PM  
Anonymous ke said...

the flowers are beautiful hannah! you have the best yard. are the trees blooming yet? man, those trees are awesome. the eddys were very sad to miss the porch sit. maybe we can all sit on our driveway in a few weeks, does that count?

7:04 AM  

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