like a bandit (or thank you part two)

i really did make out like a bandit this year. i think my husband is off the hook for the next few years. why? well because he was sneaky. sneaky in an excellent, crafty way. so sneaky in fact that he enlisted the help of some blog friends. what??? husbands know what is going on in our crafty blog world? i guess so! he emailed kelly and amy to be a part of his clever scheme. and this is what they came up with. look what kelly made (in the car on the way to her vacation no less!)....

cute case huh? what could be inside you wonder? how about this....

my very own ipod mini!!! you have to believe me when i tell you that i had absolutely no idea that this was coming. none. and that it is mine, all mine! that may sound selfish, but my husband is kinda a freak about music (not kinda, he is). so that i get to carry this on my person and load my own playlists is also a big gift in itself. thank you so much david! and thank you kelly. you are both very sneaky. and even though amy already posted a picture of the bag she sent me, i wanted to put one up too. its too awesome not to deserve multiple pictures!

and look, i already have it stuffed to the brim with my things! and my mini!

ok, so my wonderful friend kerry (who will soon be starting her own blog, yah!) brought me very many lovely gifts. i was most excited because she made me my first ever apron!!

she also gave me this awesome tshirt, and if you cant read backwards it says "i heart carbs"

i do heart carbs, and i already wore my apron while making my very carb friendly basil chicken calzones. mmmm..... on saturday my friend kristen also turned 29, and we celebrated by having tea with the girls. kristen surprised me with these adorable shoes. i think she knows that i have something of a shoe fetish. its a good thing she and her husband are opening a shoe store.

unfortunately they didnt fit my micro feet (damn you size 51/2!!) but i am going to do everything in my power to get them in my size. after the tea party, we grilled out with some friends. my husband is really catching on to this craft blog/packages in the mail thing. he knows how important packages in the mail are now, and was so kind to bring with him a package i had received while i was at the tea party!! a surprise birthday package from dear, sweet giao! look at all the goodies for goodness sake! (isnt that great? she has all kinds of great little goodies that say that at her store the walrus and the carpenter).

two of her original illustration notesets! fabric, a cute milk tea towel, yummy smelling soaps and all kinds of great crafty bits. oh my, what a surprise! speaking of fabric, the girls also managed to score some great vintage fabrics at a garage sale and out of their grandmothers closets ( i told you i made out like a bandit, and im not even done!).

and my estate sale fiend friend sarah surprised me with this great dresser (that she found for $15, how does she do it!!??) that i am going to use to keep all my great fabric and crafty things in.

oh, is that a gocco printer on top there? it is! a great gift i bought for myself with some birthday money from mom. and the wonderful gals at the papersource surprised me with cupcakes and a crown and birthday banner that i wore all day last thursday while i was at work. 29 is the best! and the 30s are better??? i cant hardly take it. thank you so much everyone for all the wonderful gifts and well wishes. it was truly an amazing birthday this year, and all the gifts aside, its my loving husband, family and friends that made it so.


Anonymous myra said...

Wow! Wow! Wow! Can I be you for a day, or better yet next year on your birthday? That is an awesome load of stuff!! Yeah for you Hannah! :)

12:48 PM  
Blogger molly said...

Looks like a great celebration! Enjoy that ipod--you will never be able to stop listening to music now!

5:22 PM  
Blogger kristen said...

i'm going to start calling you bandit. sheesh hannah, it looks like i need to get to work making some more blog friends. i hope you can find those shoes in a 5 1/2. i'm glad we got to share our birthday celebrations together!

8:08 PM  
Blogger Jes said...

OH LUCK, LUCKY YOU to have such FAB friends!!! Your hubby is the newest #1 cool husband on my list....(well next to my own and Rubber Sol's Hank that is).

Getting gifties from Giao is always one of my favaorite personal treats as well. THAT gal is such a talent!

Again, I am excited to have you as a gifty partner, and have been busy on the hunt for you! Now when I am some place shopping, I think...."ooooh, I wonder if Hannah wil like that??" hee~hee....gotta love it!

9:25 AM  
Anonymous jmac said...

crap! i want to be a bandit too!

8:57 AM  
Anonymous Suzy said...

What a great lot of birthday stuff! Just stumbled on your blog via links from angry chicken, it is lovely.
And have fun with the Riso printer - they are brilliant.

11:32 PM  

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