i dont think the staff of the homedepot by my house approves of the use of their products to make robot costumes. i scoured the store for all things robotic like washers, some funky sink drain screen things, nuts, bolts, expandy dryer duct, all kinds of things for the party tomorrow. i didnt really find the kind of things i thought i would. at least not for the prices i hoped for. what happened to the days when you could buy a bag full of washers for a dollar? not that i do a lot of washer shopping. i kept bugging this old guy, saying things like, "do you have any cool looking round things? or square? or something that looks like a robot to you" i dont think he had my vision. oh well. i did find some good stuff at hobby lobby, not as industrial looking as i was planning but still fun for the kids. i think the best find were these oversized silver hologram sequins, about the size of a nickel, a bag of three hundred for three dollars. now thats what im talking about! i hope this is as entertaining for the kiddos as i think it is going to be. melinda will be here in a few minutes to help me assemble and paint the boxes, i mean robot bodies. yippie! oh and i think i have finally figured out my server/photo issues, so maybe after all the party excitement i can post some pics!!


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Sounds like an interesting endeavor! Can't wait to see the pics.

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